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Does InstaHang Really Work?

Home aesthetic and comfort comes at a price. However, neither paying the consequences of hitting yourself with a hammer nor putting big holes or cracks on your walls just to make it look gorgeous is worth it. InstaHang is a device that claims to provide a solution to this problem. This peg dispenser promises to get rid of using hammers and nails when hanging your favorite pictures and hangings on the wall. To use InstaHang, you load the peg in the dispenser, level it to the area of the wall and press the dispenser to put the peg in place. With the small pinholes it makes, each InstaHang peg is said to securely hold up to ten pounds of any object you wish to hang without leaving any blemishes on the wall.

InstaHang Reviews

No - Forget the instructions
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The design tells you that it dose not work as shown. You have to take a tack and hold the worthless machine upside down and slide the pin in and care fully trun in around and do this one by one and then it will work. Just do one at a time until the plastic wears out and call for a replace ment.

Richard O’Banion
December 18th, 2012
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No - Very flimsy
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Trying to insert piece that holds pegs in broke off right in my hand. Very flimsy. Very disappointed!

Linda Noberini
October 26th, 2012
New York
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Yes - Seems to work but...
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1)I ordered this product [from the website advertised on TV] on Dec 30th and it finally just arrived on Jan 17th.
2)After you are too far gone in the order process to cancel you get hit with 10 or so add-on screens that its very easy to accidently hit yes on where they hit you up for other purchases.
3)Only works with special hardware they sell so order the extra pieces because when they no longer exist the product is worthless.

All that being said, It actually seems to do what it is advertised to do. I just hung a fairly heavy framed print with 2 tacks. And the laser thingy you get sucked into buying (since you pay extra shipping for even though its a ‘free’ add-on) since you have no option not to ‘add it on’, actually came in handy.

Gadget Lover
January 19th, 2012
Knoxville, TN
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