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Does InstaGrip Really Work?

Adhesives are a must-have in every home, given the various household situations of minor repairs. InstaGrip is a reusable and double sided adhesive tape that offers a few key improvements over the conventional type. First, it doesn’t use any glue or paste to be sticky, which means it doesn’t leave messy residues behind and will not peel away paint or wallpaper when used on the wall. InstaGrip comes in a green color and is rolled on a tube, similar to a traditional adhesive tape. The roll is a little bit wide, which allows for cutting for various shapes and sizes, so that they can be used for different purposes, such as securing a rug or carpet, for hanging or holding items on the wall, or even to secure wiring so that people will not trip over it.

InstaGrip Reviews

No - Waste of time and money
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I spent an hour trying to figure out how to use this
Insta Grip before reading the terrible reviews. The reason I’m not trying to get my money returned is that I purchased this several months ago and I am sure that the return time has passed.
What a ripoff!

Bertha Smith
June 19th, 2014
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No - Return, please
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I gave it to my seven yr old teacher for the art class. They can use it for paper. That is all you can use it on. I will never buy this again.

November 8th, 2013
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No - Don't bother getting
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I saw this product at a flea market and had just repainted my walls. I thought it would work to hold up my pictures as I didn’t want to put nails back into the wall. Boy was I wrong! It didn’t hold a single picture.
I tried to use it to hold together 2 Ikea plastic tote bags as I needed the double strength- Again didn’t hold.
Tried to use it on my computer fan desk to keep the computer from slipping off- Again didn’t work.
I will be staying with double face tapes and Velcro as they work better than this stuff.

June 6th, 2013
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No - Does not grip
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I have 2 cats.I just knew this would be ideal for holding my vase down. NOPE! Found it broken the next morning when I got up. Posters on my girls wall falling down. My rugs not sticking. I want my money back.

Ivorine Cunningham
May 8th, 2013
Baltimore, MD.
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No - Worthless
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DOES NOT work remotely as advertised. I have been duped. Can not hold up anything heavier than a piece of paper.

Jim Charocopos
April 2nd, 2013
Fletcher, N.C.
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No - NO. Insta Slip!
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Sadly, I ordered Insta Grip before reading any reviews. I also ordered an additional set, thinking it would be the most useful thing in the world in a household with 2 preschool children.
1. Rug- A rug in my eldest son’s room gets kicked up, even though it is on a rug pad. I applied Insta Grip to the corners, and there was no grip. Easily kicked up and tripped over. Packing tape is a better solution.
2. Frame on wall- don’t bother.
3. Mylar balloon on wall- The weight of a deflated mylar balloon is too much for Insta Grip, it fell down in the night causing alarm for my sleeping child.
4. Adhering paper artwork to cardboard backer- Yes! Something this product can accomplish!
5. Adhering cardboard backer to frame mat for framing- No. The cardboard is to mighty for Insta Grip. Even after weighting the pieces together under cast iron skillets, the “grip” won’t hold.

I am quite sure the vase adhered to the table in the commercial must have another adhesive. Insta Grip has NO strength or “sticky” power. I now have $30 worth (extra product and shipping) of a product that can not accomplish what $10 worth of tape, spray adhesive and glue dots can.

I do not recommend putting this on good quality furniture, particularly wood. If the wood has any oil applied to it (which it should to prevent cracking) the product won’t even stay in place. Also, I am not sure if the chemicals in the product will damage the finish.

February 24th, 2013
Allen, TX.
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No - Nothing heavier than paper
2 stars2 stars2 stars2 stars2 stars

The adhesive that is on the other side, that is on what you want to place on a wall, is too weak – extremely light framed object just kept falling off wall. May keep something from sliding on table, or hang an unframed photo, but that’s all. Ad should discuss it’s limitations.

Jim Brady
January 18th, 2013
Houston, TX.
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Yes - Good Alternative to Regular Tape, But Use to Hang Light Items Only
3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars

Editor’s Review

InstaGrip sells itself as a way to stick all kinds items to walls, floors, tables, and other surfaces without the mess and damage of tape, nails, tacks, and glue. I used InstaGrip to secure a variety of items and I’m happy to say it lives up to its claims.

What You Get In The Package
The Insta Grip package contains one roll of half-inch width (about the size of Scotch tape), one roll of 2 inch width (about the size of duct tape), and two sheets that are 10 inches square.

Test #1: Hanging Paper and Maintaining Stickiness
I used Insta Grip to secure a sheet of paper to the wall. (I have the walls in my office decorated with old stock certificates, and I was quite excited to do so without having to spend money on a frame.) I positioned and repositioned the paper several times. I also removed InstaGrip from the page and reattached it a few times. Each time it kept sticking. The paper is still hanging on my wall as I type this.

Test #2: Securing Figurines to Tables
The next task I had for InstaGrip was securing figurines to a table. The first figurine I tried has a hollow bottom, so not much surface area touches the table (or the Insta Grip). I cut the square sheet to fit the base. InstaGrip kept the figurine from sliding. I tipped the table over and only when it got to a 90 degree angle did the figurine fall. I tried the process again with a figure that had a solid base. This time it stuck securely to the table even at a 90 degree angle. Only when the figurine with the solid base was upside down did it fall off.

InstaGrip will definitely keep figurines, vases, candlesticks and the like from sliding. If someone bumps into your table, those object will be kept from tipping over. However, if they get knocked directly, InstaGrip won’t be enough to keep them from falling.

Test #3: Fastening Clothes
The TV commercial shows InstaGrip being used to keep clothing in place. I have a few shirts that are missing buttons, so I decided to test out this claim as well. I undid a button on my shirt and put a piece of InstaGrip there instead. The fabric stayed in place. If ever lose a button and need a quick repair I will definitely be using InstaGrip from now on.

Test #4: Hanging a Picture Frame
Failed miserably to hang even a fairly light picture frame, which fell off the wall in a few seconds. If you want to use InstaGrip to put a picture on your wall you should use it directly on the photo and leave out the frame.

Test #5: Keeping a Doormat in Place
I used the larger roll of InstaGrip to secure two doormats to the floors. Insta Grip accomplished this task reasonably well. If you have mats that have a problem with sliding or curling at the corners, then InstaGrip will likely give you the results you need.

Removing the Plastic Backing
InstaGrip has a clear green plastic “backing” that you must remove before using it. At first I had some difficulty getting this backing off the Insta Grip. The key seems to be to start peeling from the side rather than trying to get it off at a corner.

Conclusion: Recommended for Light Use Only
InstaGrip is a useful product but it is an alternative to Scotch tape and masking tape only. It is *not* an alternative to nails and should not be used for hanging anything heavy on a wall.

Paul Lucas
January 7th, 2013
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