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Does Icee Float Fun Machine Really Work?

Do you enjoy eating ice cream, ice floats and similar cold treats but you find that these are quite expensive to buy from the nearby restaurant or store? The Ice Float Fun Machine would be a product that you will want to add to your kitchen then. The manufacturer claims that the product will make it very easy for you to make your own frozen treats. All you need to do is to get some ice, add some salt and water and place it inside the Icee Float Fun Machine. Then, add your favorite punch, juice or syrup and then rotate the handle in order to make your ice float or ice cream that you love to eat. The manufacturer promises that not only will the frozen treats from the Icee Float Fun Machine be very easy and convenient to make, but they are also a whole lot healthier than the pre-made ones available in the store.

Icee Float Fun Machine Reviews

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This is one of the most poorly designed, useless products ever designed. First off it flat out doesn’t work, at all. But in some parallel universe where it did somehow make slushies it would still be so horribly designed. The drum is nearly impossible to insert, there is no easy way to pour in the juice or mix, it could maybe hold four ounces at once without overflowing, and the part where the imaginary slushie would come out is broad and flat and slightly inclined so you would need a bowl instead of a glass for it to splash into.

August 13th, 2016
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