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Does i-Cool for Menopause Really Work?

Going through menopause is really draining experience. As women age, they are increasingly vulnerable to menopause symptoms. This hormonal dilemma, with its effects on their daily lives, needs special attention, making relief supplements such as i-Cool for Menopause an option. i-Cool for Menopause claims to provide menopausal relief, particularly to symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats. Other hormonal symptoms that i-Cool for Menopause promises to reduce include sleeplessness, mood swings, loss of sexual appetite, lack of focus, vaginal dryness and headaches. This product, which according to its manufacturers is allergen-free (no yeast , lactose or gluten) and hormone-free, is said to contain genistein as its active ingredient. i-Cool for Menopause is endorsed by a menopause organization called Red Hot Mamas.

i-Cool for Menopause Reviews

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I took this for 30 days and my hot flashes stopped, my sleeping was great, but after taking this now for a few months, it’s not working anymore. I’m so bummed.

November 23rd, 2014
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I have tried every “natural” product on the market from single ingredients to all the popular menopause products. I should have known better, but I get so tired of not sleeping a full night without waking up several time in a sweat. I took this for 3 days and noticed the next morning I felt bloated and was experienceing abdominal pain. I took a gas pill but then it happened again the next morning. I just happened upon some reviews of I-cool and many people had stomach problems so that told me where mine came from. I stopped taking them and have been fine. I wished I had read the reviews befor I spent $15 for something I had to throw out. To be fair some of the reviews loved it. Just be warned this might happen to you. I only used a few days, some women used for much longer and suffered more not knowing right away what caused it.

September 28th, 2012
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