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Does Hot Fusion Brush Really Work?

Is your hair very difficult to manage and it has a lot of frizz and tangles that can make you look like a mess no matter how hard you try to keep your hair in check? The Hot Fusion Brush just might be the solution to your hair issues. The manufacturer claims that his hot brush will make it very easy for you to style your hair and make it look like it has been professionally done as well. The primary features that sets the Hot Fusion Brush apart from the competition is the black tourmaline blend core that heats up and coats your hair with frizz fighting molecules that not only reduce the appearance of frizz but also smoothens up your hair. Also, the HotFusion Brush features tangle-free nylon bristles that will make it very easy for you to comb your hair. The manufacturer promises that this combination of features that the Hot Fusion Brush sports will allow you to have hair that looks great and is very easy to manage.

Hot Fusion Brush Reviews

No - Bad Hair Day
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I have very frizzy curly hair. I was very excited to see a product like this and ordered one. When I received it of course I wanted to try it out right away. The results were devastating. This did nothing to my hair, it barely straightened it and it certainly didn’t look all flat and shiny like the girls in the video. Then I looked at the video a bit closer, one side of the hair is wild and crazy and the other side that the women are pulling the brush through is already straight and shiny. So you’re not really seeing a demo of it going from frizz to shine. I have returned my hot fusion brush and am still waiting for them to return my money. it’s been over 10 days now and I am not happy.

December 31st, 2015
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