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Does Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop Really Work?

Cleaning is a daunting task – especially for people who do not have the luxury of time in their hands. But with the emergency of advanced cleaning tools, the task has become easier. One such product is the Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop. Designed by the well-know Hoover brand of vacuums and carpet cleaners, this steam cleaner claims to use a patented Twin Tank system that provides separate tanks for water and the cleaning solution. This feature makes it easy and convenient to fill and dispense the tanks. The Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop is equipped with a solution control dial in order to have varied options when it comes to the intensity of cleaning. Also, the Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop promises to get rid of harmful bacteria such as salmonella and staph by up to 99%.

Hoover Twin Tank Steam Mop Reviews

No - Hoover Twin Tank is FUBAR
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Steam cleaning is -very- good, when units work.
I avoided buying due to units too costly for budget. But a Hoover Twin Tank on sale at Home Depot was affordable, I thought. Unfortunately, even $50 on clearance, the unit was STILL overpriced for how badly it failed.

What unit did:
==1st use, Hot stuff! Great steam. Washed pad multiple times to finish 3 small floors, but decent job. Used trigger lots to let out steam, but got too much moisture; so then limited trigger use.
Thoughts on 1st use:
–Unit fun to use, Liked design, it handled well.
–Wished for a wand to expand uses.
On carpets, steamed well to kill mites, BUT left too much water–so best only on solid surface floors. This failed 1st intended use, but figured, still OK on solid floors…time ticking by…

==2nd use, it made less steam, but still seemed doing a job; rewashed pad a few times to do 3 small areas, only on wood & linoleum. Used trigger less, trying to reduce water on floors. It caused more work, not less. I needed other mops to soak up water left behind by steamer. More time ticking…

==Noted storage tray had lots of fluid puddled in & around it, so removed tanks while stored. Good thing it was where it could be monitored–it would have messed up a closet and it could’ve caused slip/fall injuries.
More time ticking by: thinking, no longer fun or easy; avoided using unit.
Hindsight: Should have tried taking it back.

==3rd use, lots of hot water, little steam, had to use other mop/rags to clean up puddles of water everywhere unit was used. Stored with tanks removed. Too busy to take it back; store 25 miles away; costs 2 gallons of fuel to drive there & back. Feel bummed out.

==4th time attempted use, -0- steam; barely warm to touch.
Unit dribbled small stream of water regardless if on or off. Unit past return limits.

—Unit not used enough to get blockages by mineral salts from steam, as a few suggested on Amazon.
—Seals between tanks & unit failed, Water drizzles out both tanks at junction w-unit, even when cold. Seals failed rapidly with each of few removal/replacements of tanks.
—Heating unit failed: no steam or hot water; unit barely warm to touch.
—Trigger does nothing.
Unit is total failure, Clearly a defective unit.
Feel it’s questionable if ANY units last long enough to earn their keep.
From posts on Amazon, etc., numerous people got defective units: suggests Hoover’s production lines faulty, so many defective units for sale with no recourse. Shame on Hoover, allowing shoddy products to market with no recourse!

Unless we can fix it, it’ll be a very unfortunate chunk of landfill, which cost more than a tank of gas–none of which we can afford.
We’ll try:
–Soaking potentially mineral-clogged nozzles in white vinegar to see if that’ll clear–even though it’s only actually steamed 2 to 3 times.
–Taking unit apart to see if we can fix it, find new seals.
Feel this is exercise in futility.

IMHO, manufacturers & marketers take advantage of buyers by foisting off badly made units–it suggests workers & manufacturing lines are poorly treated/handled, & that manufacturers lack respect for customers. Shopping has become a gamble for virtually every manufacturer or kind of product. Big Picture: this is bad for overall Economy & Ecology!

August 3rd, 2013
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