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Does Hoover Floormate Really Work?

When it comes to cleaning floors, you conventionally would have to do separate scrubbing and mop work, which requires a lot of effort and may still result in a clean that is considered to be not thorough enough. If you are looking for a product that will make cleaning your sealed hard floors a faster and much easier task then the Hoover Floormate is a product that just might help you out. The manufacturer claims that the many technologies and innovations in the Hoover Floormate makes it a very effective cleaning tool. The Hoover Floormate features SpinScrub Technology which allows the product to thoroughly scrub your floors while washing thanks to the counter-rotating brushes in the Hoover Floormate’s base. Also, the HooverFloormate features Dual Tank technology that provides separate tanks for clean and dirty water. With these features, the manufacturer promises that cleaning floors with the Hoover Floormate will be very thorough, but without being time consuming and hassle-filled.

Hoover Floormate Reviews

Yes - It pulls evil from your floors that you didn't know you had
4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

I run a small animal rescue out of my home so to say my floors get dirty is an understatement. You can’t believe the nasty water it pulls up from a floor that you thought was clean! You have to clean all the parts after you use it or it builds up and makes a funky smell the next time you use it. But on the bright side if you take it apart right after your done it rinses off easily in the sink and you put it back together wet, it takes a hole two minutes. Also if you put 2-3 inches of water and a nice smelly cleaner in the dirty water tank BEFORE you start to clean it makes the whole house smell soooo clean and fresh, and also makes the cleanup at the end that much easier and faster.

March 20th, 2015
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