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Does Hoodphones Really Work?

Does your child love to listen to music? The Hoodphones is something that you might want to get for your child then. The manufacturer claims that this product will allow your child to enjoy music without the hassles. Hoodphones are headphones that are imbedded inside a specially designed hat complete with a colorful and cute look that your child will really love. The Hood phones are lightweight and not bulky at all, making them easy and convenient for your child to use. Also, the Hoodphones feature high quality sound, allowing your child to truly enjoy the music. Also, what’s great about the Hoodphones is that they provide a protective layer between your child’s ears and the headphones themselves which the manufacturer promises will protect their eardrums from damage due to the potentially loud music that they will experience with headphones or earphones designed for adults. The Hoodphones are definitely perfect for your music-loving child.

Hoodphones Reviews

No - Missed it or takes forever to ship.
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I want one of those for listening to my music, but there SOLD OUT SO very QUICKLY and is now extremely rare! The site is down and when I call the phone number on TV (1-800-959-3604) and order the dinosaur HoodPhones, it says it has been ordered and it is shipped so LONG it took place from a FAR AWAY LAND and it DIDN’T ARRIVE at my house! Man, I have to wait years to try seeing those on stores again! Otherwise, there is a successor to HoodPhones called CozyPhones.

Devan Wolf
August 7th, 2017
Elmwood, WI
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