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Does Hex Light Really Work?

With the Hex Light you can work with your two hands without the need of a a flashlight. It makes your hands free to do the work and the needed light you need to get the job done. This light was created in a way so it will fit comfortably in your forearms or even your wrists. It will point the light in whatever direction you want. It is water resistant and can be used in dark and tight spaces. The Hex Light helps you see at night and helps you be seen.. When you are jogging at night or just going out on a stroll with your dog, you can be seen by passing vehicles. At night, while walking it also helps you see the path you are passing by. When you acquire a single Hex Light, they will give you an additional one for free.

Hex Light Reviews

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I’m so glad to read that somebody else had a horrible time/experience with this. I, too, ordered these for christmas (placed the order nov. 21, 2010) and received them on january 11, 2011 (after calling and complaining about the wait). They told me on the phone when I called first that if I didn’t cancel my order at that time they’d give me 5 bucks back – they never gave me this and so when I received the product and realized what crap it was I was overly aggravated. I’m not shaming myself into gifting these pieces of junk. I, also, had issues w/ the velcro coming off, the battery doors weren’t easily removed, the batteries that you had to put in were tripe A’s and when we tried using this product we switched to a regular flash light because it was brighter than these supposed LED lights. I should have gotten 6 stick & clicks and got ONE (and that looks like crap as well). Seriously – don’t buy this crap.

January 13th, 2011
Austin, MN
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This item gets a big NO from me for the following reasons: 1. I ordered two sets of the units and what I received wasn’t close to acceptable. When you have the item on your arm and try to take it off, the velcro rips loose from the side where the battery door is located. 2. Of the four units only one had a battery door that fit and was easily removable so you could install the batteries. 3. I thought the Pitch Men show had the unit originally using a 9 volt battery. What I received has two AAA battery slots. 4. I ordered a double set of lights which was to be shipped with two of the six count sets of Stick and Clicks. I should have received 12 Stick and Clicks and only received 2. This is the real heart of the scam. They offer you the sStick and Clicks for free but you pay the shipping. I paid the shipping and didn’t even receive the correct amount. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your time ordering this garbage. Shame on Sully and Telebrands for doing such a dis-service to the Marine that invented it. I would gladly pay twice the amount for the units that the Marine initially developed. Cheaper isn’t always better.

January 13th, 2011
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