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Does Heel-Tastic Really Work?

Heel-Tastic is an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial roll-on balm product that can be applied to the heels of the feet. It contains oils, skin moisturizers and healthy nutrients which they claim are specifically formulated for healthy feet. This is why they say that HeelTastic can soothe chronically dry, flaky skin on the heels of the feet, and keep it soft, sexy and smooth. Formerly known as Heel Stick, this product also claims to be effective in giving a more attractive appearance to rough knees and elbows with its deep penetration quality. The Heel-Tastic product is effective against itchy feet, and cracked and damaged skin on the feet that may have been worn down by weather changes or simply incurred from the day-to-day walking regimen, or perhaps ill fitting shoes. HeelTastic claims to have a fast acting formula that works quickly and thoroughly with very good results.

Heel-Tastic Reviews

Yes - Works for Me
4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

I was really skeptical when I bought this product, but was pleasantly surprised. Nothing ever really seemed to help my heels before I found Heel Tastic. I only wish it were more readily available and budget friendly. I make 35 minute trip to go buy it though because it is worth it.

Wendy Huskey
October 24th, 2013
Port Orchard, WA
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Yes - Alien feet look human!
4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

I’ve been applying Heel Tastic to my husbands alien looking feet after using a foliating stone first. Surprise! Aside from his boneless baby toe with a huge corn on top, his feet look more human. His skin is soft, smooth and healthier looking. The odor is strong, but its worth the improvement.

Leigh C.
March 30th, 2013
New York
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Yes - Feet are smoother
3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars

The product seems to be working. I have only been using for a couple if weeks. My feet are smoother, but the down side is the smell is so strong. I had to wear socks to limit the smell and prevent the oily stains left behind.

September 16th, 2012
Forest Park Il
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No - Regular lotion does better
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Sorry, purely topical. Does not absorb. Did not work and the ingredient dimethicone gives you that answer: They use this for topical agent for silicone gloves. With it in there obviously it just puts a layer over the wound, no different then if you put a band aid??? My heels continued to crack even while putting it on 2-3 times a day? I know ten bucks isn’t much-but that was a waste of money for me. Nice try though.

September 23rd, 2011
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Yes - Finally, a solution...
4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

I bought this on a whim at Walmart, and am very, very pleased with it. It really does exactly what it promises to do. I haven’t found that my dryness comes back after a shower like another reviewer did, but I’m applying about every other day (maybe they were using it less?). There is a LOT of bang for your buck on this – well worth the approx $10 I see it for in various places. I have to agree the smell is formidable – I put mine on right before bed, along with a pair of socks. Keeps my sheets from getting the grease stain, and I don’t have to smell it! When I change my socks in the morning, the smell goes with them, so my feet don’t carry around that mentho-lyptus-lemon scent (perfect description Jennifer B.!) all day. I highly recommend this item, if the smell was milder, it’d be a 100% 5* review from me!

Erin S.
April 30th, 2011
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Yes - Will repair cracked heels
4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

This product definitely has more than just a temporary effect. I had cracked heels for twenty years, with lotion never doing much but make them look a little better while it was on. Heel-Tastic has actually eliminated the cracks altogether. I used it daily for a couple months or so, but now I can go days in between uses and my heels are still completely crack-free. My feet generally are much softer with no more patches that feel like sandpaper. I have some calluses that have not disappeared completely, but are significantly improved. I also find it soothing to the feet while it’s on. Only drawback, there is a strong smell, but it’s been worth it for me.

April 13th, 2011
Tempe, AZ
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Yes - Yes, and no.
3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars

Although my heels weren’t as bad as the ones in the ads, they do get quite dry in winters. I used the product as directed. Because it contains so much wax and lotions, it would be impossible to not work – to an extent. The waxy substance certainly smoothes every bit of dry skin, and the lotions certainly soften it. But the results only last as long as the product is on. When washed off, you are back dry skin. The most offensive part for me – it left a greasy stain on anything that touched my feet: bedding, shoes, etc. Major warning: do not use when walking in flip-flops! You slip and slide everywhere!

March 2nd, 2010
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Yes - HeelTastic Balm Works Much Better than Foot Lotions
4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

I decided to try HeelTastic heel stick because the lotions weren’t working very well on my feet, even when I doubled up on the amount. I can say that HeelTastic really works. I applied it on my feet before I went to bed and saw results the very next day. Because of a disability I am not able to feel my right foot and have to walk with a brace; this means my right heel especially tends to get dry and cracked. HeelTastic really worked wonders on it, taking away the cracks and dry skin on the heel. I even applied it to the side of my foot as well as the heel and it was effective there as well. Heel-Tastic made my skin smooth and my feet look better.

The only thing I didn’t like about HeelTastic was the smell and texture. The aroma reminds me of Halls Mentho-Lyptus mixed with lemon. It also had a sticky, pasty texture, kind of like a deodorant stick. The manufacturer warns not to walk barefoot after applying HeetTastic, which is good advice because it is slippery. Fortunately it dries fast and the odor goes away pretty quickly.

Jennifer B.
November 19th, 2009
South San Francisco
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