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Does the HealthMaster Elite Really Work?

Everyone wants to find ways of living well and healthy. HealthMaster Elite is a fresh whole food emulsifier that promises to help boost an individual’s immune system, increase one’s energy, and help one to lose weight. HealthMaster Elite claims to be BPA-free, has an easy grip pitcher and easy open lid. It is also said to be made of sharp stainless steel blades. The motor contains 1200 watts of power. Endorsed by Montel Williams, HealthMaster Elite promises to retain the vitamins and minerals of the food while centrifugal friction is used to cook the food naturally. It has multiple safety features and is available in three different colors of black, white or red. Some recipes that can be made with HealthMaster Elite include ice cream, sorbets, gelatos, smoothies and baby food. It can also make soups, coffee, desserts, dips, salsas, breads, muffins, waffles and fondues.

HealthMaster Elite Reviews

No - The Worst
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I’m hoping that 5 means the worst, if it doesn’t mean that then if 1 is the worst then that is what I’m saying. I got the machine out of the box and the power want even come on. I can’t even get the machine to come on. So I’m thinking I wasted my $200 dollars buying a piece of junk. I think Montel should get with the company and make them to give everyone’s money back. I bought the machine based on his recommendation. I think a class action suit should be made against him and the company. Montel needs to stand up for the people that trusted his word.

Georgia Andersen
April 11th, 2016
Athens, TN
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Yes - It does everything that it says it's doing!
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I love this machine. The power is amazing, but you have to remember that it has an engine that makes it work; so you can burn it if you don’t use it right.
This is why we are given manuals for. Each product or material consistency needs a certain speed and time. I “read the book”, I respect all the rules and I love this machine more than any other I ever had in my kitchen.

Aura-Madalina Chevalier
November 26th, 2015
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No - Shame on Montel
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I ordered the Montel williams endorsed healthmaster elite. First of all, this machine is a huge beast. So tall that it doesn’t fit anywhere in a small to acerage sized kitchen. The product worked average at best, WHEN IT WORKED. The infomercial claimed super effective emulsification rather than merely being “just a juicer”. I’ve used juicers and blenders for years. This product has no more power than any cheaper brand you could pick up at a box store, for a third of the cost of this thing. After a few unimpressive uses, the healthmaster sat on my countertop for about a month before I tried it again… When I plugged it in and pushed the button, nothing happened. No power, no noise, NOTHING!!! It’s dead. Made an attempt at customer service, and the whole “customer service” runaround began. My healthmaster experience will end with a lesson learned about trusting “concerned” TV
personalities like Montel. TV is not the consumers friend when it comes to buying pricey products. And the healthmaster will find its end at the gun range, and then to the dump. THANKS MONTEL! lol

January 11th, 2015
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