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Does Great Kitchen Secrets Really Work?

Do you always find it hard to come up with great tasting meals at home, or find that it gets really messy whenever you cook? The Great Kitchen Secrets Book could help you out. World renowned author Chef Tony Notaro shares with you various cooking secrets in the Great Kitchen Secrets books that he claims will definitely improve your cooking. Not only does the book share very helpful cooking tips, it also contains advice on how to properly organize your kitchen, how to choose ingredients, and how to safely handle cooking tools. In total, the book contains over 5,000 tips that can revolutionize the time you spend in your kitchen. If you love to cook, then the Great Kitchen Secrets book could be very useful for you.

Great Kitchen Secrets Reviews

Yes - Repeats itself
3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars

It has some very useful information, but it’s so repetitive that it gets irritating. For example, in one and one half pages it says four different times to put vinegar in water when boiling egg. Four times. And that is just one example. The whole book is like that. If they edited the repeats out the book would be half the size it is

Mrs Pero
November 5th, 2013
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