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Does Gravity Force Trainer from Body by Jake Really Work?

The Gravity Force Trainer Body by Jake is so called because one’s own body weight and/or gravity is used with this equipment to achieve a well toned and sculpted body. It claims that with just 21 minutes a day, seven exercises can be done achieving a complete physical workout. The force of the machine is also adjustable to suit one’s level of comfort. The movement with the machine is smooth and consistent. At the same time, this trainer machine exerts constant tension on the muscles throughout the workout. In this way, it is claimed that within 21 minutes maximum benefits of a workout are achieved. Included with the workout machine is a DVD of Jake’s 7 Pillars of Strength and Jake’s Eating Plan, providing a complete package for weight loss, health and fitness.

Gravity Force Trainer from Body by Jake Reviews

Yes - Awesome Machine
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It is sad that this product is no longer available new, but must be purchased used on Craigslist, Ebay, etc. For me, after having a Soloflex, Tri-Max, Healthmax, Total Gym and a few others, this is by far the best. All the others require too much time and hassle in setting up for each exercise, where the GFT is so simple and quick. It is not for the really “Buff” types, but perfect for those who just want to exercise their heart and keep toned and fit. You will see a nice change in muscle size and tone of your upper body with your increases in resistance in an every other day routine. LOVE THIS MACHINE!

May 6th, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
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Yes - Fine machine with a great deal of potential
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I bought an almost new “gravity force trainer” yesterday & went through its recommended “7 pillars of strength” exercise routine last night. I also GOOGLEed/read most of the reviews which have been posted/published about it.

In my opinion it’s a fine machine with a great deal of potential. However, to realize that potential (i.e. render it useful for other than just “beginners”) the manual’s exercise routine should be updated/improved. For example, it discusses/recommends only one leg exercise – the seated squat (which is really much more like a “sissy squat” than a real squat) for which the machine doesn’t provide sufficient resistance to challenge even totally out-of-shape legs (I’m 65 years old) . A good supplemental leg exercise – one which stresses the same set of muscles, esp glutes, that a “real” squat would – can be performed by setting the machine to roughly the same settings used for the “chest press” & pushing up with feet instead of hands. Since it’s intrinsically much more difficult, it can challenge/exercise even the already well-developed legs/butts possessed by the sorts of people who generally write reviews of new exercise machines.

Again, this machine can be used in many ways other than those described in the manual. It is very well constructed/sturdy and its maximum resistance can be readily increased by simply hanging barbell plates from the seat.

Incidentally, I paid $35 for mine – a fabulous deal.

Darryl Siemer
March 31st, 2011
Idaho Falls, ID
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