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Does Giant Tree Tomato Really Work?

Giant Tree Tomato can give you extra large tomatoes and each plant can produce sixty pounds of tomatoes. The cost is inexpensive. This kind of tomato tree will grow as much as eight feet and even taller in a matter of ninety days. They will grow as big as grapefruits. Giant Tree Tomato is like having a tomato factory because you get a new set of tomato crops that are fresh every single week. It will definitely look nice in your garden. This product is easy to plant because it comes with a nurseryman’s pre-seeded biodegradable pot. The Giant Tree Tomato is unlike other products because it gives you more tomatoes in just one week. You will get the opportunity to get hybrid tomatoes and you will like the red ripe, super sized tomatoes that you can use on salads, pizzas, and other recipes.

Giant Tree Tomato Reviews

Yes - Good tomatoes
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Tree tomato are about a ninety days from
seed so start them early in January.
My tomatos did very well. I put plants in very large pots. I buy garden soil and peat moss and mix. These are not hybrids. I like them,they large tomatos and plants grow tall like a vine. I am growing them this year. Seeds already in trays. Buy seed starting mix if you are planting seeds. Totally Tomatos Mail order company carry two different kinds of seeds. Good luck and enjoy!

Beryl Hilton
January 13th, 2016
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No - Doesn't bear fruit
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Poor plant is barely a foot tall and not even a cherry sized to tomato to be had!!! Big waste of time, money, and effort.

October 15th, 2011
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