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Does Gel Perfect Really Work?

Getting a manicure is beauty pleasure enjoyed by many women. But although they may look lovely, manicures also take up valuable time as you wait for it to dry. In addition to that, nail polish can cause a lot of mess if not properly and thoroughly dried. Gel Perfect promises to keep such situations from happening. A manicure kit from the company Nutra Nail, Gel Perfect claims to produce a long-lasting leather shine that requires no UV or LED light. Manicures done using Gel Perfect instantly dry up in just five minutes, hence avoiding smudges and stains. Gel Perfect is said to be different from conventional nail polish brands as it can be easily applied and removed as necessary, taking less than two minutes. This product comes in 34 color variants to choose from.

Gel Perfect Reviews

No - Horrid feel, chipped immediately
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I felt so cheated after purchasing this product!Both felt and smelled like superglue and chipped within hour of wearing.Nail polish over 1/2 chipped off by next days wear. And what didn’t chip off-WOULDNT come off without stripping nail-and that was using their remover.I even went to manufacturer’s site to verify application.Since I purchased 4 shades-I made OVER 4 attempts!!Not worth time or money.I would recommend Sensational (LED) for long lasting results with no mess.Though also difficult to remove it at least doesn’t DESTROY your nails in the process.

April 26th, 2013
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