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Does Fungi-Nail Really Work?

Fungi-Nail topical applications remedy for nail and foot fungal infection is a brand name approximately 25years old. Fungi-Nail is distributed by Kramer Consumer Healthcare which is said to be, as they have claimed, a privately-held, minority-owned company based in Miami Florida. The active ingredient of Fungi-Nail is said to be undecylic acid. An aqueous compound that stops the production of fungal microspores by killing the parent fruiting bodies of the fungus that is causing the localized infection. Because human nail and skin is made out of keratin fungus readily grows on it. Fungi-Nail promises to kill fungus outbreaks by applying it directly to the infested nail. Kramer Consumer Healthcare, the distributor of Fungi-Nail, pointed out that since the product is in liquid form, it permeates readily into undersides and crevices of the nails unlike ordinary creams. According to them, this feature made Fungi-Nail popular in controlling nail fungus especially with its “Pen” brush applicator that spreads the products on the nails effectively.

Fungi-Nail Reviews

No - Does not work
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I have used fungi nail for 3 months now, applied morning, evening and everyday after showers, there is “no discernible difference”

August 1st, 2016
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Yes - Can't get it out of apllicator
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Yes it works but first one worked great. Then the last two have not worked. Returned it twice. Love the product but if you cannot get it out of the applicator even when it is full…it is no use to me. Checking out other products.

Mary Bernardin
September 25th, 2013
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Yes - Defective Product
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I have purchased 3 FungiNail. The 1st one worked GREAT, the 2nd one was dry when I opened package. The 3rd one has liquid but unable to get it to release. Really disappointed. really wanted to keep using it. Unable to access the FungiNail site.

Doris Harrington
August 25th, 2013
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Yes - Slow Results.
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It takes along time for it to work. I keep buying Fungi Nail all the time. I’ve been using this product for three years I’m just now seeing some results on my toe nails.

June 6th, 2013
Clintwood, Virginia
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