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Does Frog Tape Really Work?

Among the toughest problems faced by both painters and home owners alike is paint bleeding. This happens when, in removing tape covering surfaces during painting, the still fresh paint peels off with it. In fact, many techniques have been suggested to solve the problem. Using special kind of tape can remedy the problem. Frog tape is such a type of tape that promises a solution to paint bleeding. It claims to have a patented special chemical in the tape (called PaintBlock) that forms a protective jell on the edges of the tape. In effect, Frog Tape keeps the paint intact and lines sharp once these are stripped from the furniture, pictures, and other textured surfaces. Frog Tape is available online and in many hardware stores.

Frog Tape Reviews

Yes - Not better than blue tape
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It was about 1/2 again as expensive than the blue I always use, but I was disappointed that for more money it was not a better product. Just buy the 3m blue tape.

May 15th, 2013
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Yes - Hop to it
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This tape is quite expensive however it is the best I’ve used EVER. Clean lines, no bleeding, easy-off. Very good.

February 21st, 2012
Vancouver Island
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