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Does Fresh'n Crisp Really Work?

Do you find yourself throwing a lot of fruits and vegetables away because they have already become rotten even after just a short period of time? Fresh’n Crisp could be perfect for you then. It is an add-on to your produce storage containers that the manufacturer claims will allow the produce that you store to stay fresh and crispy for a much longer period of time. Some produce spoil faster than others, and as they age, they release ethylene gas which can also contaminate other product that you may have and make them rot quickly as well, even if you have just bought them. Fresh’n Crisp absorbs this ethylene gas, preventing your produce from rotting faster, and should allow them to stay delicious and crispy much longer than you have been accustomed to. With Fresh’n Crisp, the manufacturer promises that you will be saving a lot of money and you will get to enjoy your fruits and vegetables even after having stored them for quite some time.

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