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Does Freshana Really Work?

Do you hate the strong smell that conventional cleaning chemicals have, and hate more the fact that these chemicals can actually negatively affect your health? You might want to switch to Freshana then. Freshana offers a number of different cleaning agents that are powerful and effective, just like conventional cleaners, but the manufacturer claims that Freshana products have a pleasing and light smell and have no adverse effects to your health. This is because Freshana features an all-natural, organic formula that the manufacturer has specially blended in order to produce cleaning agents that can easily remove dirt, stains, grime and other household problems without relying on synthetic chemicals for its cleaning power. With Freshana, the manufacturer promises that you will be able to easily clean your house without the strong and annoying smell while at the same time preserving the environment and your health as well.

Freshana Reviews

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I tried EEZZEE all purpose cleaner, REVIVER carpet and rug cleaner and AIRIA air purifier because of their claims to remove odors. EEZZEE didn’t remove the odor from carpet when used full strength and the other 2 product only work for a few minutes before the odors returned. None of the odors were strong to begin with either. As far as the cleaners cleaning ability, it is not as good as other so called organic cleaners that are readily available at Whole Foods. My advise is to avoid Freshana products like the plague and keep shopping.

May 8th, 2015
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