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Does FOCUS Factor Really Work?

FOCUSfactor claims to boost memory through its unique formulation of nutrients and neuro-boosters. This supplement contains patent-pending ingredients, they say, which are selected for their ability to support memory, concentration and focus. According to them, FOCUSfactor, if taken regularly, can improve memory within two weeks. Claiming to be America’s No. 1 selling memory supplement, FOCUSfactor is confident that with their blend of vitamins, minerals, protective antioxidants, botanical extracts and essential omega-3 oils, customers will not be disappointed with the improvement that they should experience in their memories. Among these ingredients they say are natural beta-carotene such as those in raw vegetables, natural vitamin E derived from the soybean, and six separate forms of vitamin C. There are also three different sources of magnesium from malate, citrate and taurinate. Included too, they say, are neuro-boosters to support memory that include DMAE, a natural substance found in fish; botanical extracts such as Bacopa, Huperzine and Vinpocetine; and DHA, an important omega-3 fatty acid.

FOCUS Factor Reviews

No - Keep your money
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I have taken focus factor for two weeks and I still lose focus so take time to read up on this product before buying it.

October 13th, 2014
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No - Just a vitamin
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Even though it’s basically a vitamin with a lot of added herbal stuff that you can’t find in centrum it’s basically the same thing. I’ve tried this product (2 bottles) and it didn’t work for me. I think that the ingredients in Focus Factor is probably good for your overall health but works in a very subtle way like any other multi-vitamin does. They sell it aimed at mental focus because that is the popular trend right now in supplements. But any effect you feel is basically minimal or most likely a placebo effect. Just eat right, eat healthy, and get proper sleep and you’ll get the same results if not better results from eating real foods containing fresh vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals in their natural states than you would popping over priced vitamins disguesed as a brain enhancing pill. Besides at $40 and needing to take 4 to 8 pills a day you’re spending a lot of money that you could be using to buy fresh fruit, veggies, whole grains, meats, and other healthy foods that are good for your brain and body. Also this is NOT a good replacement for a prescribed CNS for symptoms of ADHD as rumor has it. If you have such a disorder or think you may have one please consult a doctor. The ingredients in Focus Factor don’t make you feel like you’ve ingested a CNS as some people have lead you to believe. Also I don’t like the contradictions in the Focus Factor ads; for example: in one ad people said they felt the effects shorter after taking the supplements (within a few hours), yet in another ad they said it can take upwards of two whole weeks before you notice any effects and up to 1 full month for full benefits. As someone who has been a huge fan of pills since I was a teen for over 20 years now I can safely say that most supplements don’t deliver what they promise. But I’ve gotten better results from old fashioned eating right, exercise, and the right amount of sleep. I’m not saying that some herbs and other ingredients aren’t good for you but there is no real evidence or proof of that so far. Also psychological studies have found that most of us are prone to what is known as the placebo effect. Save your money… spend it on real food.

October 17th, 2011
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