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Does Flowbee Really Work?

A nice haircut plays an important part in looking good. However, there are times that this important aspect of grooming is neglected due to the hassle of taking a trip to the barber. This is one of the things that Flowbee promises to solve. Flowbee is said to be a “precision haircutting system” that provides professionally-styled hair without having to leave the house. This product operates by attaching it to a household vacuum and using its suction power to pull the hair up so it can be trimmed at the desired length. Flowbee claims to save time and money since you can do your haircut by yourself or ask a family member to do it for you in just 5-10 minutes without any mess since all the trimmed hair is vacuumed instantly.

Flowbee Reviews

Yes - Love My Flowbee
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I actually bought a Flowbee from a classified ad. It had been used twice and I paid $35 they guy said his hair was too curly to make it work. that was twelve years ago and I have been using it since then. Even way back then I was paying ten dollars for a haircut + tip and was usually not very pleased with it. I took a chance and loved it, my wife trims my neck and around my ears with an electric set of clippers after I do the cutting. It takes me a maximum of 30 minutes to set up, give the haircut, take it down and let my wife shave my neck.
It is a time saver as I now do not have to travel and waste gas and wait in line 15 minutes to an hour. It now would cost me $20 or more to get a haircut x 12 per year =$240 per year. sometimes I use it more than once a month. $240 x 12 year=$2880
in savings so far from a $35 investment. By far the best investment U have ever made. It is not difficult to use and I love the results far better than the haircuts i was paying for.

August 13th, 2015
Little Rock, AR
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