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Does Flip-It Cap Really Work?

Do you hate how difficult it can be to get the last drop out of bottled products like shampoos and lotions and that you usually just throw the bottle away even if there is still some product left inside? This can be a waste, so if you want to be able to get all of the product from the bottle that you have bought then the Flip-It Cap just might be the solution. The manufacturer claim that with the Flip-It Cap, you will be able to easily get all of the liquid product that are stored inside bottles. To use, simply remove the existing cap of the bottle, attach the Flip-It Cap using the best fitting adapter onto the opening of the bottle, and then flip the bottle over. The FlipIt Cap acts as a base for the top part of the bottle, allowing gravity to pull down every last bit of product. When you need to dispense product from the bottle, simply press the Flip-It Cap to use. With the Flip-It Cap, the manufacturer promises that you will be able to use every last drop of product from the bottle that they are stored in, minimizing wasted product and wasted money from having to through away bottles with contents still inside.

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