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Does Flip and Grow Rich from Armando Montelongo Really Work?

Flip and Grow Rich is a book written by realtor Armando Montelongo on how to buy old homes, “flip” or repair them quickly, and then resell them at a profit. Montelongo culls from his own experience in doing this type of work for many years, in writing the content of this book. He is also on of the realtors featured in the television program, “Flip This House” which shows how the job is done from the purchase of property to repairs to putting it out on the market for sale. Montelongo claims that even in current times, there is still money to be made from flipping houses, and that it can be done even with no money to begin with. He describes his book as a step-by-step course that will show you how.

Flip and Grow Rich from Armando Montelongo Reviews

No - Rip off people who lose their homes by this Devastating Real Estate Market Crash and Get Ripped Off
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What a shame. He had such a positive rapport too.

To anyone looking into this guy or investing in him…please please please save your money, and tell people whom you know and care about to do the same.

All you need to do is Google ARMANDO MONTELONGO and the word SCAM. The evidence is all right there in frauds, pending investigations and more. None of the stuff he tells you in his “absolutely free” seminars where the infomercials claim that “he himself will attend” is stuff that you can’t learn on your own with your trusty internet connection.

On top of that, his seminars are a sales pitch to pay for classes and assistance in learning how “Armando does it” through additional seminars.

TRUTH IS, Armando never came to my seminar, and yes, I DID have to come out of pocket if I wanted to “learn more”.

There were 2 recommended seminars plus DVDS and a book that THEY valued at $5000 and $3000 dollars. For attending the free seminar, you get a discounted rate if you want to attend the “REAL SEMINAR”. It was $1600 for “the valued” $5000 seminar, and if I remember $1000 for “the valued” $3000 tax lien seminar.

All I wanna say is this: the seminar was several hours of salesman or presenters bragging about how many properties they bought and how much money they make, and how we as participants can “change our lives” and get out of foreclosure. Ten minutes was dedicated to watching the infomercial all over again, 5 minutes was spent on inspirational philosophies on how we should take advantage of opportunities, Rich Dad Poor Dad philosophies and more.

My advice:
Don’t cook dinner.
Find out where they are holding the next seminar(choose the fanciest city and hotel) take advantage of the beautiful atmosphere, eat the FREE COMPLIMENTARY DINNER, take the free complimentary pens, only attend the first half and share with a few individuals that ARE SERIOUSLY INTERESTED THAT THEY HAVE BEEN DUPED.

Make an evening of it with your spouse, best friend or buddy, and feel good that you spared someone from making a huge mistake.

The people attending these seminars are hard working, and hard up individuals who are mostly trying to conquer losses of their own. It killed me to see a few young college students there as well, trying to get rich quick.

Save them.

May 26th, 2011
Los Angeles, CA
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