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Does Flex Stick Really Work?

While traditional single and quad point walking canes look beneficial and harmless, did you know that these canes can actually put more stress and pain to the hands, wrists and elbows and can also increase the risk of falls? If you are looking for a walking cane that will not put unnecessary pain on your joints and give you more stability, the Flex Stick could be the cane for you. This specialized cane features shock absorbing legs that the manufacturer claims will help reduce the impact to your hands and related joints. It is also lightweight and completely adjustable. The manufacturer promises that you could customize the Flex Stick’s settings in order to fit the user’s specific needs. With its unique features, superior comfort and a clip-on flashlight, the manufacturer claims that this is the last walking cane you will need to buy.

Flex Stick Reviews

Yes - Great product
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I have been very happy with my Flex Stick. It is easy on the wrist and hand and I love the way it flexes when I walk. I had been using a clumsy 4 legged cane and the Flex blows that out of the water. And the customer service is fantastic. I recently broke a part on my cane and emailed customer service. Within minutes they had called and informed me that I can buy a replacement part. How great is this? Jamie Jordan is great. She is patient and very pleasant. I highly recommend this product and company.

Sherrie Carel
September 9th, 2015
Lowesville, VA
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Yes - Best Cane Out There!
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As a mother of a 16 year old FlexSTICK user I can guarantee you are going to love your FlexSTICK. It is hands down the BEST ‘Stand Alone’ CANE out there! It’s been all over the world with my daughter as she competes as an elite Para Equestrian – she never leaves home without it!

Anna Collier
October 15th, 2014
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Yes - Does it work?!? You bet it does!
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I am disabled and need an assistive device to walk. I have a rare nerve disorder called RSD in my left foot which causes me to need to use a came due to the atrophy in my muscles as a result kg the disorder. I used to need a wheelchair but since using the FlexStick, it has actually liberated me from the wheelchair. The reason for this is the springs in the legs that allows me to recover on practically any surface if I lose strength or my leg does numb while walking. It also allows for a cushion that helps reduce pain in my wrist and arm produced from the shock from a traditional cane having no absorption from striking the ground. I have had my FlexStick for two years and it has dramatically changed my quality of life. I consider myself fairly young at 45 and I try to do as much as possible. I am very, very hard on my FlexStick because if this and it is incredibly strong and rugged. It also helps me not “feel older than I am” because it is also quiet stylish and contemporary looking. So that is why I use and always will use, the incredible FlexStick. Thank you Jamie for inventing the FlexStick. It has changed my life!! :-)

August 27th, 2014
Grapevine, TX
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Yes - Awesome!
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This is an awesome cane! I use it all the time and could never go back to the old cane without springs. I have used mine on asphalt, stairs, gravel and dirt. It takes so much stress off of your wrist and shoulder. Great idea and a one year warranty! What’s not to like!! ALSO, at first I thought “oh, a flashlight, really?”. That was until I went out the front door one night and the porch light was out! Now I am Soooo glad to have it! THANK YOU!

Mike Prentice
August 21st, 2014
Peoria, AZ
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Yes - Great product and fun too
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I have had a full knee replacement and I bought one cane and two switch-out color “stems” before my surgery so I could practice with them. I found the Flex Stick very comfortable and after surgery I really needed it because walking is the best therapy. I have blue, gold, and black/silver and it is very fun. People love to try it out and love the colors too. Also since it stands up I do not lose it behind furniture and under tables. Since I can get about the house now it waits for me at the door to go for hikes. Love it.

Mary Wetzel
August 20th, 2014
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