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Does Fix-a-Flat Really Work?

A flat tire is a big inconvenience, not to mention a major hassle when it happens when you’re actually on the road. Changing to your spare tire just wouldn’t work if you are in a hurry. Fix-a-Flat promises to provide a solution to these problems posed by flat tires. This sealant claims to take only minutes to inflate your car tire and put you back on the road. It works by inflating the tire using a hose, without a need for jacks or other tools. Fix-a-Flat is said to have a non-flammable formula that makes it safe for storage in the car’s tire well or trunk. According to the product’s website, Fix-a-Flat is available in three varieties depending on the type and size of the car.

Fix-a-Flat Reviews

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My bike blew a flat in the desert here in Tucson. If I hadn’t had that small can of Fix-a-Flat in my backpack I would have had to walk my bike out of that area and probably become dehydrated and sick from heat. It inflated and sealed whatever it was that punctured my tire. I replaced the tire tube when I got in town. There WAS a small thorn looking thing in the tube. I don’t know if that was the cause though. The stuff DOES WORK AND saved me.

July 14th, 2013
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