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Does Fem Selectives Really Work?

Controlling your weight when you are young is already a tough job to do, and it gets even harder when you experience perimenopause or menopause. If you want to control your weight during these stages, or simply just want to feel better about yourself, then you might want to try using Fem Selectives. It is a nutritional supplement specially formulated for women who are in the perimenopausal or menopausal stages. The manufacturer claims that the active ingredients in FemSelectives help balance a woman’s serotonin levels, and at the same time helps balance their weight. This can help relieve a woman not only of weight problems but also of hot flashes and night sweats, as well as get rid of episodes of jitters and nervousness. If you are a woman in the perimenopause or menopause stages, Fem Selectives could be the supplement that will help you feel a lot better about yourself.

Fem Selectives Reviews

No - I was Hungrier.
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I lost no weight with this product. In fact, I was hungrier. However, it did stop my hot flashes.

June 27th, 2013
Keokuk, IA.
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