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Does f.lux Really Work?

Are you in front of your computer all the time for work or just love to surf the internet? If you are, then you can get uncomfortable with the brightness and glare of your computer on certain times of the day but f.lux promises that you will not be uncomfortable with your monitor’s brightness and glare level ever again. The f.lux automatically adjusts your computer display’s light levels in order to match the ambient lighting that your room has. When it is daytime, flux automatically brightens your monitor and when it gets darker, f.lux adjusts your monitor’s colors to look a little warmer. The f.lux’s creator promises that the monitor will adjust to perfectly suit your lighting needs improving comfort when you spend time in front of your computer.

f.lux Reviews

Yes - Works for me
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Put it this way…I have f.lux on all my devices from my pc to my iPad.

This definitely works in two ways for me. My ability to sleep after using the PC or even reading on my iPad has greatly improved. And using it on a low setting during the day at work has all but eliminated any eye strain that I get.

Keep in mind I am an insomniac and I have had PRK Laser surgery on my eyes.

June 4th, 2013
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