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Does EZ Cracker Really Work?

Eggs for breakfast is, for many, a daily ritual for the entire family.  Now, this can be done more easily with the EZ Cracker, they say.  The EZ Cracker is an egg separator with attachments included, which make it perfect for separating egg whites.  The EZ Cracker also works well for cracking eggs, and is a more convenient way to strip shells from hard boiled eggs within seconds, they claim.  No mess, no fuss.  In just three steps you can cook eggs for your family’s breakfast more easily and conveniently, they say.  First, you simply insert an egg in the EZ Cracker.  Then, squeeze the EZ Cracker to perfectly crack the egg.  Finally, cook and enjoy a delicious, shell-free breakfast.  Your daily breakfast gets that much better with the EZ Cracker, they say.

EZ Cracker Reviews

Yes - Really does work
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This really does work well for cracking eggs. Did not have as good of luck with hard-boiled eggs, but overall I would recommend this product.

August 16th, 2011
Lincoln, NE
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Yes - A Decent Product
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I bought this product because I don’t like cracking eggs with my bare hands. Otherwise, some of the egg gets on the counter and is not easy to clean up.

I was pleased when I first tried this out. It cracked the egg nicely and didn’t make a mess. Once in a while, a tiny piece of shell will get in the egg, but that’s uncommon.

You don’t want to crack the egg too slowly or else it won’t crack as cleanly. As for hard/soft-boiled eggs, the shell doesn’t crack as cleanly as it shows on TV, but it does a decent job and makes it a little easier to remove the shell from the egg.

The major downside is that some of the metal parts start to rust after a wash or two, but that doesn’t affect the performance of the EZ Cracker.

June 7th, 2011
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