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Does Extra View Mirror Really Work?

When driving, visibility is very important, but one area of driving that is usually lacking in visibility is the rear view, wherein your car’s stock rear view mirror may not be enough to give you the vision that you need of your car’s rear area. If you are looking for a product that will enhance your rear vision when driving then the Extra View Mirror just might be the product that fits your needs. The manufacturer claims that this product is sure to enhance your view of the rear areas of your car. Compared to conventional rear view mirrors, the ExtraView Mirror features a much wider reflective area which allows you to see more of the rear of your car with minimal to practically no blind spots. Not only does the Extra View Mirror enhance your vision, it also features an anti-glare coating which the manufacturer promises will ensure that whether driving by the day or night, Extra View Mirror will ensure that you see the rear area of your car clearly, ensuring more safety while driving.

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