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Does Escrow.com Really Work?

Doing business, buying and selling online is very practical as it is very convenient to do and is a lot less of a hassle to all parties involved; it can also be dangerous and risky as there are many incidents of fraud and the like in these types of transactions. If you want a safe and hassle free way to do your transactions online then Escrow.com could be of help. Escrow.com features unique protection processes that promises to helps both buyers and sellers from going through transactions without fraud and scams. With Escrow.com, the company claims that anybody can buy or sell just about anything online including cars, antiques, general goods, domain names and the like with ease and more importantly, without the risks of being scammed.

Escrow.com Reviews

Yes - My Escrow for a Domain Name Sale Went Flawlessly
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I recently made an offer to purchase a domain name (the offer was for $450) and recommended using Escrow.com to protect both the buyer and seller against fraud during the transaction. I’m glad I did. Escrow.com is very simple to use. The buyer and seller need to create Escrow.com accounts and one of the parties enters the transaction on the website. Once both parties have agreed to the transaction, the buyer funds escrow. Once the buyer logged into his account and confirmed that he has received the goods (the domain name in my transaction), then Escrow.com releases the funds to the seller.

My transaction went smoothly, so I don’t know how well Escrow.com does if there is a dispute or problem between the two parties. During my transaction, I did receive an email from an Escrow.com employee confirming that sale was for the URL only and not the contents of the website.

Payment may be made through bank wire, credit card, PayPal, or a check or money order. If you pay with credit card or PayPal, you will have to use their “Premier Service,” which means you will be charged a slightly higher fee. I paid with PayPal and was charged $28.35 instead of $25, which was worth it for me to get the transaction finished quickly. If you want to use a credit card directly, then you have to fax Escrow.com an authorization form.

I couldn’t be happier with Escrow.com and will definitely use them again when I need an escrow service.

July 15th, 2013
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