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Does Earthquake Mug Really Work?

Do you love to bring your drinks along with you or to different parts of your house or office but you hate that you usually spill your mug or glass over? If you want to prevent the mess then the Earthquake Mug is one product that you might want to consider getting. The manufacturer claims that this mug will never spill over even when you accidentally hit it. The Earthquake Mug’s specially designed base acts as an air-lock when it is placed on a flat surface. Even if you hit the EarthquakeMug from the side, you are guaranteed that it will not fall over. However, if you want to use the mug, simply pick it straight up and it should come off of the surface like there is no grip holding it down. With this feature, the manufacturer promises that you will not spill your drinks inside the Earthquake Mug ever again yet you can still use it like you would a regular mug without nay hassles.

Earthquake Mug Reviews

No - Mugs work (sometimes)
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I bought 2 of the mugs and found out they don’t fit in my car’s cup holders, the mugs are too big on the bottom. I tried making something that they would cling to and it does not work on anything I have tried to make. They work great on a kitchen counter or a tv tray but nothing else. it’s not worth the money.

Dennis J Marko
August 24th, 2015
Austintown, Ohio
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No - Works sometimes
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It works sometimes and others not, even the smallest crumb on the bottom makes it stop working. Bed Bath and Beyound carries the same product but better qualty for the same price without any shipping charges, I would go there if you want the mug.

April 11th, 2015
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