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Does DynaMop Really Work?

Home is the best place to find rest and comfort, hence the importance of keeping it clean at all times. However, cleaning could be one of the routines often disdained especially when the task at hand is manually mopping the entire floor area of the house. DynaMop, a mop powered by a patented spin mop technology that uses centrifugal force, promises to cut the labor time and effort spent in cleaning. This cleaning equipment is designed to be able to clean hard to reach areas such as ceilings and cupboard tops. Dyna Mop is also known to be effective even for car trunks and interiors. The product is equipped with a microfiber mop head that rotates at a spin speed of 3500 rpm. DynaMop promises to be the sturdiest and most durable spin mop available today.

DynaMop Reviews

Yes - There is no help if something goes wrong
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My mop handle is stuck in the lock position. I contacted service@dynamop.net Lee told me to see
if I could solve the problem myself.

September 29th, 2013
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Yes - Authentic DynaMop®
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The authentic DynaMop┬« brand works as well as it claimed to be. Too many knock-off’s on the market, you just need to be sure it’s the right brand, check out the trademark and be sure it’s the Gold Medalist of 2013 Paris Int’l Invention Show.

Candy Lee
July 21st, 2013
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