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Does Dual Saw Really Work?

The Dual Saw is an innovative tool that combines precision engineering and blade technology. This powerful tool cuts through anything without the need to change blades. Created by Omni, it features counter rotating blades that rotates in opposite directions-at the same time! This technology reduces the normal vibrations and kickbacks that you experience with regular saws. As seen on the TV infomercial with Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan, DualSaw includes 2 sets of high quality Tungsten Carbide-tipped Blades, allowing you to cut through metals, wood and plastic, 10 pieces of lubrication sticks, a durable carrying case, a tool used to change the blades and an instruction guide that contains easy to follow instructions.

Dual Saw Reviews

No - More than useless
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Even if the saw were to be powerful enough (which it isn’t) for normal non-commercial, i.e. residential, I would still have to give it a 1 star. Normally a circular saw has a baseplate, upon which you can guide the cut. This is basically a freehand sawzall with a circular blade. It doesn’t have the power of a sawzall, nor the depth of cut of a normal circular saw or the ease of a jig saw. It’s blade is so small that you have to hold the guard back in order to cut a PVC pipe and you still have to turn the saw in a dangerous and unwieldy way to cut the 2 inch PVC pipe. I know that a lot of people hold the safety guard back when cutting anything with a circular saw. But it’s called a safety guard for a reason. You should not have to hold it back just to see where you are cutting. You can’t follow a straight line, so you can’t really cut a wood greater than a 2 inch cut. Otherwise you have to lean over the saw to see where you are cutting. A dangerous and underpowered saw. Dual blades! Great idea. Saw – lousy.

Elfego Baca
June 10th, 2012
Jacksonville, Florida
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No - Very Poor Product
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I used the product twice and on the third time cutting thin metal, lots of sparks, shavings, blades would lock up and now very strange sound like something broke or motor burned. Save your money for a better product.

June 7th, 2012
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No - Cheap tool
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One star is generous but it’s the lowest rating you can give. I don’t know what the guy in the infomercial is cutting with, because mine won’t do that. It’s underpowered, throws sparks, hangs up. Cheap tool. Just awful.

May 15th, 2012
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No - Not a good investment
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This saw does a great job for a few days then it dies…because it’s gears are not heavy duty and the blade just stops cutting! I called the company and they told me I had to rest the saw after 10 minutes of cutting?? Well, that didn’t work either. A Skillsaw has more power and so does a Sawzall….this product is poorly made..and expensive!

March 1st, 2012
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No - When will we ever learn
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We have all heard the saying that if it sound to good to be true 99.9% of the time it is and that’s the case with this saw. Yes it cuts metal fairly well but no kick backs and sparks is an out right lie. The real downer is the lie about cutting through anything, this saw gets bogged down in softer materials like wood and plastics and tears them rather than cuts them. The motor is under powered for what it’s trying to do and the quality of the unit is questionable. Save you money.

R Roberts
November 24th, 2010
Stoney Plain
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No - Save your money
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I bought 2 Omni dual saws yesterday, I made 4 cuts, well 3 1/2 I should say, it died in the middle of cutting.

The motor and body are both cheap looking. Its loud, and has the most kickback I’ve EVER seen on a tool.

The best part, debris from the sheet metal I was cutting flew down my zipped up coveralls and embeded a small piece into my breast.

No splinters, No burning, No sparks, No kickback Ya right – keep dreaming

Helen Keller could have made a better saw.

This product sucks and is dangerous.

August 26th, 2010
Toronto Ontario
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No - No! Avoid this product...
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No! Avoid this product…

The Dual Saw is heavy and could be tiring to use for an extended time. It gets hot quickly,is loud and will not cut through a 2×4, a big drawback. I was told it would cost $9.95 to try it out for 2 weeks before being charged for it. I was surprised to see charges immediately of $29.95 for “express” shipping-I did not request. It took a long, frustrating call to customer service, and 2 different “supervisors”, to get the shipping charge refunded. On top of that I was charged the first payment before the two weeks were up. The Dual Saw is a product that doesn’t work, with lousy customer service (deceiving?), and Sears makes a similar saw for much less! Just say No to the Dual Saw!

Gary Boyles
January 5th, 2010
North Carolina
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No - Avoid this product
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The first time my husband used his Omni Dual Saw, it literally went up in flames in his hands. I\’ve now had to involve my charge card company and the Better Business Bureau to try to force this company to honor its warranty. I would not recommend this saw (or company) to anyone!

November 2nd, 2009
New Mexico
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