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Does Direct Buy Really Work?

From its inception in 1971, DirectBuy Club has distinguished itself as the No. 1 home improvement and furnishings club in North America. With 160 locations in Canada and the United States, Direct Buy Club, through its collaboration with top home furnishings and improvement manufacturers, enable members to buy their products much more cheaply, at what they claim are manufacturer direct wholesale prices. Their distinction lies in only working with 700 of the top, most trusted brands on home furnishings, cabinets, entertainment, floors, outdoor furniture, appliances, fixtures, and electronic products in the United States; and over 500 brands of the same in Canada; for quality sales and purchases. The Franchise Business Review ranked DirectBuy Club No. 42 among 50 franchises, and it was ranked No. 1 by Entrepreneur Magazine in the Miscellaneous Retail Business category.

Direct Buy Reviews

No - Not for everyone
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Membership is steep, so it stands to reason that you have to be in the market for enough big ticket items to make it worthwhile.

Bargain hunters should be aware, however, that big retailers such as Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, and even Walmart may be able to purchase inventory in such large quantities – or carry exclusive items – that their retail prices are significantly lower than Direct Buy’s wholesale prices.

Shipping costs are also a concern, when you could have something delivered locally vs. cross country. Your DirectBuy discounts could easily be eaten up by shipping costs for distant heavy items.

Research your key purchases and estimate costs in advance, and then look for those specific items during Direct Buy’s open house or ‘get acquainted meetings’ BEFORE your join!

Even if you are not in the market for new furniture, do take a minute to look at a couple of high-end catalogs if you visit the showroom. You’ll be floored by the mark-up on furniture!

Bottom line – you could save a bundle with your membership, or it could be a complete waste of money — depending upon what you intend to buy.

October 11th, 2011
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No - Direct Buy is a Rip-Off
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I have to say that DB is one of the bigger scams out there! I have to drive over 2 hrs to get to their “store” to look over catalogs…that is not a problem but I have not found anything they offer to be a better price/savings that I can find other places….What I was looking for did not have a discount that was worth $5000 membership…..Save YOUR MONEY and they will not cancel this contract!!!! Take it from a voice of experience.

Deborah Nelson
April 4th, 2011
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Yes - LOVE IT!
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I purchased the Maytag frontload washer and dryer from DirectBuy. I found the exact washer and dryer in a retail store and was impressed to find that i saved $900 by purchasing from Direct Buy vs the retail store. Plan on purchasing more items. Directbuy helps with savings for items that would be expensive to buy from a regular store. The less costly items from Directbuy don’t bring as much savings.

December 2nd, 2010
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