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Does Profit from Real Estate Right Now by Dean Graziosi Really Work?

Profit from Real Estate Right Now is a book written by Dean Graziosi, a real estate expert who is well-known for many other books, video and audio courses that discusses real estate investments. The Dean Graziosi book has many detailed information about the when and where to invest and how to make the most out of your investment the soonest possible time. Profit from Real Estate Right Now by Dean Graziois also tackles about how you would be able to do well in the real estate business in spite of the current financial situation that almost every country is experiencing. Dean Graziosi claims tht everything that is written on this book has been based on his own experience.

Profit from Real Estate Right Now by Dean Graziosi Reviews

No - Free food
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I went to the free seminar and I was almost convinced that what they say could come true. It was tempting to buy their $2000 program after seeing many testimonials about how some unemployed people were making 10k per month on passive income after 6 months. $2000 means nothing right?

Like other people said, there were 2 ladies who jumped out of their seat after the first presentation to sign up for the program. That was very fishy to me.

The seminar dragged on for 4 hours and I had to miss an appointment. I did get a free digital camera (I had forgotten about it) that was probably worth less than 2 AA batteries needed to run it, and some free donuts (that was good). Too much hype about tax liens and all that.

On the brighter side, I did learn bit about tax liens. The return is not as good as some other investment (in real world) that I have, so I won’t probably be doing it, with them or without them.

April 18th, 2013
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No - First clue your being conned for cash.
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First clue you are being conned for our money is after you’ve told them you have no way of paying for the workshop they start insisting you borrow money from friends or family members. One even went so far as to try to convince me not to pay my rent for a month because I “would make the money back plus more” by the end of that month.

The camera they promised was a cheap one, very much like a five dollar one I’ve bought my children in the past.
I was also told the seminar would be 90 minutes. My time being important, I thought it would be worth it. The seminar in fact was to last 3 hours. But because I had to leave half way through due to my schedule and that I have children who can’t just be left alone, I was told I was unable to get any information about the “tablet” promised to the first 50 callers. There were maybe 30 people there, so one would think that I was one of the 50.

Don’t waste your time. If they are willing to convince you to borrow money or put off bills for their class, then they know they have you and will get you for more money over and over again.
My husband and I can do what they say they teach without a class and can do it without them.

January 17th, 2013
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No - Worst Ever
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I got an invite in the mail. They were having a free seminar at a nearby fancy hotel. Just for showing up, I was supposed to get a free digital camera and if I was one of the first 50 callers to register, a free tablet computer. They said refreshments would be served. The letter promised that at the seminar, I’d learn how to purchase real esate for pennies on the dollar. I decided to go. A few days after I registered, I got a call saying I’d won one of the tablet PCs. I was told that I would not get the t ablet at the seminar, but would get a certificate to mail in for one. When I showed up, I found out that the “refreshments” amounted to water, a granola bar, and small package of fruit snacks. Something started to feel fishy right then. (If the company is so successful, they could afford to have the hotel cater much better refreshments in order to make a better impression.) I am a people watcher and have taken many human behavior classes in college. I found my eye drawn to 2 couples that I didn’t recognize from the local area.

They were dressed far better than the locals (no one in this area can afford designer clothing due to plant closures and the economic down turn). As the first speaker asked questionns, those two couples were the first to act all excited and volunteer answers. (People from our area are much more reserved.)

It was soon apparent that the “seminar” was about selling us a 3 day workshop for “continuing education” to learn how to purchase real estate below whoelsale cost. The cost of the workshop $2197.00. At the break, those two couple were the first ones to go to the table to register for the workshop. However, I was close enough to note that both couples did not complete the registration forms or pull out a credit card. One appeared to be writing a check, however a quick glance revealed she was writing on a blank memo pad. The couples got handed bags of registration materials and returned to their seats. (really fishy behavior).

The next spiel was about another program add on. Cost $1497.00. Then another break. The same two couples were the first to jump up and register, again making it look like they were actually paying. (even more suspicious behavior).

I tried to ask a few questions at the break but the employee I spoke with brushed me off and evaded most of them, did not look me in the eye and treated me with almost disdain. Another brief presentation about another program add on. Cost $197.00 more. Same couples were the first to sign up in the same manner. Plus, during the whole evening, I wasn’t given any concrete information about how to purchase property below wholesale, as promised. To get that, I’d have to spend a lot of money that I did not have. I did get a very cheap digital camera that was of dollar store quality (the resolution, ISO, and other setting can’t be changed and the photos are so poor you can’t do anything with them.)

I later found out that a friend on Facebook went to the 3 day seminar because they wanted to get involved in the program where you get to use their money instead of your own to buy houses. At the three day workshop, they did not get the opportunity to do that, instead they got told they’d have to spend more money for more training before they could get that chance. The cost an additional $48,000! My friend lost almost $3500.00 going to the three day workshop. I am so glad I didn’t fall for this.

January 4th, 2013
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Yes - Dean Graziosi Is NOT a SCAM
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

On my journey to purse my career in Real Estate, I researched some books, looked over the internet, and the Dean Graziosi was hitting really hard. He was said to be the best on this field and was I lucky that he was having a seminar not so far from my house. Just a few miles drive away from home. So I signed up on the day of the seminar as scheduled and I was charged $2000 cash. The seminar went well and Dean Graziosi is very approachable. Dean says that the ideal person for finding a good deal in real estate must have the skills of finding a good home or getting a buyer with the best price. A person who has good selling skill swill not have several homes in his list missing customers for a very long time, and neither should he take too long to find other new homes in the market. Good real estate agents are affiliated to bigger firms, other agents, agents’ bodies that make his or her work easier in buying or selling homes.
I am going to recommend Dean to all my friends and people who really want to earn over their income. My final words for Dean Graziosi is that it’s a solid program that I feel is well worth the investment (if you can afford it). From everything I can see from my due diligence, they have great customer support… and Dean truly does have the best interests in mind for his customers.

Michael Regay
July 28th, 2012
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No - Stay Free And Clear
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I purchased his books off of the infomercial. All I will really say is that his books are not what he is really marketing. He tries to up sell a course to you for a high price tag. It might work for about 1% of his viewing population. They try to promise you the world like there your best friend. I think what there really after is for you to pay there mortgage payment for the month. One company is called pmi and the other company is called the tax club they don’t have a whole lot going for them. You pay PMI to be your coaches and then they tell you that if you go with the tax club you can tax deduct there fees from your taxes and then the tax club charges in arm and a leg for there services.They don’t give you pay no money unless you make money to call it a business. These people are not honest up front. If you just started his course ask for a refund quickly and don’t take no for an answer or you will live to regret it.

Tim Moore
February 19th, 2010
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