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Does DDP Yoga Really Work?

Are you in need of an exercise program that does not have a high impact and stress on your body, but still has amazing weight loss and fitness effects? DDP Yoga could just be what you are looking for. Pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page developed this special kind of yoga over the years in order to stay in shape despite severely injuring his back. He claims that DDP Yoga will not only allow deconditioned athletes to stay in shape despite not being able to perform their usual high intensity routines, but can also help the fitness conscious lose weight and get a lean body. DDPYoga incorporates into one exercise program not only the popular physical and spiritual exercise that is yoga but at the same time traditional fitness exercises, dynamic resistance principles and sports therapy exercises in order to give your body a total body workout without the stress. With DDP Yoga, Diamond Dallas Page promises that you will be healthy in mind and body without strenuous effort.

DDP Yoga Reviews

Yes - My back pain disappeared
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I was a regular at the chiropractor for a bad back. It worked for a time, but did not solve the problem and then I was there the next month. My insurance started cutting my access, so I looked for an alternative. Saw ad for DDP Yoga. Having done martial arts of various types twenty years before, I was attracted to things that reminded me of it. Just using the basic 3-4 classes, which concentrated on simple stretches (no turning you into a pretzel), my back pain disappeared and I said good bye to the chiropractor. I don’t use it a lot, but when I need to.

Frank Kimovec
January 3rd, 2017
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