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Does Custom Genie Bra Really Work?

Are you tired of using traditional bras that can give you an uncomfortable fit and are not flexible enough to be used with all of your outfits? If so, then you just might love using the Custom Genie Bra. This is an innovative bra that allows you to customize the placement of your bra straps. You can transform the Custom Genie Bra from the traditional bra look, to the front crisscross strap, or to a halter by just moving the position of the straps. The manufacturer even claims that you can come up with over 30 individual bra strap placements. With the Custom Genie Bra, the manufacturer promises that you will get a comfortable fit that will go well with all the clothing you have available.

Custom Genie Bra Reviews

Yes - Best convertible bra
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

Hi it sam again and this is my review for the custom genie bra. the reason why I give it five stars is because the quality is very good and it stretches with your body. I have been trying to find multi way bras with no wire and no hooks, but plenty of coverage. With the Custom Genie Bra I like how it is all one piece, lift and separate my chest, gives me the perfect coverage. There is no fussing with the custom bra, the band still rolls up a little bit, but it is okay. I also like how there is more tabs to put the straps in the instead of the traditional two hooks in the front and the back which to me dig into my shoulder and chest area. I hope this review helps. Thanks.

October 22nd, 2013
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