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Does Curl Confidence Really Work?

Not everyone likes having naturally curly hair, but Curl Confidence by Ouidad claims that with the use of Curl Confidence products, one will have a reinvented attitude to one’s curls, they say. They also claim that it can be easily done in two steps that take just two minutes. Curl Confidence, they say, will strengthen and add nutrition to one’s hair and render it free of frizz. They say that one’s hair with look healthy. According to them, Curl Confidence is made with the special qualities that go with curly, kinky and wavy hair. This type of hair, they state, has a special structure and unique needs. Curl Confidence has factored all this, they say, it its making. What’s more, they claim that the nemeses of curly hair such as steam, swimming pools, humidity, rain and the sun will no longer leave a user concerned that one’s curly hair has turned to crunch. Instead, the bounce will stay and the softness too, they claim. This is why, one could suppose that it is called Curl Confidence.

Curl Confidence Reviews

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I am a 50 year old woman who always hated her curls, my hair was frizzy and I never had a “good hair day”. In my teens I would wake up an hour earlier before work or school to blow my hair dry and then the minute I stepped outside I would get frizzy and curly again. Hated my graduation pictures, cried when I saw them, my hair was so frizzy. Saw an ad about curl confidence and thought another product that will not work and the spending more money. But then I had a stroke about a yar and a half ago and lost some of the control in my right hand and thought omg how am I going to manage this hair. So I ordered Curl confidence and I said WOW. I have been able to manage my curls, have not used a hair blower since and I feel great. So curl confidence not only allowed me to love my curls after 50 years, but it allowed my to feel great even after my stroke. Thanks to everyone involved with this product.

Maritza Kuzian
May 3rd, 2011
Saint Cloud, FL
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No - Pantene is better!!
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I tried the Ouidad Curl Confidence b/c my hubs loves my naturally curly hair. The clips at the root of the hair did help lift the curls but you can buy the same clips at Target WAY cheaper. The moisture barrier, gel and curl spray didn’t really do any better than my Pantene Curl Mousse. The Pantene actually works better. The DVD gives you tips but nothing you can’t google yourself. Not happy with this product at all. My hair sure didn’t turn out like the girls on TV.

April Ray
April 11th, 2011
Birmingham, AL
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