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Does Cricut Really Work?

Cricut is a portable, electronic cutter that cuts paper into different shapes and sizes. This tool from Provo Craft is perfect for people who are into scrapbooking or those who loves making different types of crafts. Different cartridges may be used for Cricut and create shapes, letters and many other things. It features a pressure dial, allowing you to use different paper types according to your preference. It is portable and you may bring it anywhere. Use it in school or the office to create beautiful designs. The Cricut kit includes cartridges that contain complete alphabet and shape sets, cutting mats, cutting blades, paper-shaping tools, and a storage bag. It does not require a computer or any software.

Cricut Reviews

Yes - Beats a pair of scissors
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For the basic cutting needs, Cricut does the job. It’s a very expensive pair of scissors when you add in all the cartridges, even at sale prices. If you want a cutter with good and intricate cuts and engraving, embossing and a few other capabilities, look to the other cutters on the market. Add a few dollars up front and get a really good cutter, or you can pay a lot more in the long run and get a Cricut which will beat a pair of scissors,, but not a whole lot more.

Just do not expect any kind of customer service with the product.

April 14th, 2011
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Yes - Great Product by a Great Company
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Cricut cutting machines are fabulous products. They do what they are designed to do. With the number of options/features on each machine there is a learning curve. The cricut website provides step by step instruction on how to use each function. I have had great customer service when I have had a question, concern or complaint. I highly recommend all of the Cricut line of products.

April 13th, 2011
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No - Overall Experience/Cost
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This machine works fine for the most primitive of cutting–as long as it isn’t a circle! But it is extremely expensive, given that you pay a significant amount for the machine and $70-$80 for a cartridge that may have only a few designs you like. Yes, you can buy some cartridges on e-bay for $25, but again you may only like a few designs. For less than the price of a new cartridge you can purchase 3rd party software and for the price of the machine and 4, YES 4 new cartridges you can have a machine that is better quality, able to cut small detailed designs, make unique projects and overall kicks cricuts butt in every aspect. So anything beyond 4 cartridges–is money you could have spent on other crafting supplies or shoes or …… :)

April 13th, 2011
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No - Overpriced
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I bought my Cricut 2 years ago. I couldn’t wait to make cards, scrapbook layouts and more. Unfortunately I didn’t do my homework and failed to realize that the cartridges range from $39.99 to $100.00+. I then found out that the machine can’t even cut a proper circle, shapes don’t come out as pictured on the cartridge, nor are they true to size and then there are the sticky mats and blades that have to be replaced frequently. I would recommend looking into another cutter unless your crafting pockets are deeply lined.

April 13th, 2011
United States
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Yes - it works but ....
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OK so yes it does work but nothing made to go with it works very well so what good does it do? And the company has horrible customer service

Sheryl Mason
April 13th, 2011
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No - Money Pit
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I had admired Cricut machines but when I really looked into purchasing one and then looked at the expensive cartridges, I knew this toy was not for me. After seeing what a friend could do with Make The Cut, I was sold. This machine is good for the casual crafter if they use either Make The Cut or Sure Cuts A Lot. Otherwise, you are limited to expensive cartridges that have very few images I was even interested in using. Using my Cricut Create and Make The Cut, I have endless possibilities for creativity. Unfortunately, Provo Craft has sued both of these software companies that have “sold” so many on using their product. Now, those customers are choosing to keep their favorite cutting program and replace their cutting machines with machines that encourage creativity! In addition, customer service with Provo Craft is non-existant!

April 13th, 2011
United States
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No - It works but...
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there are a lot of problems. Will it cut paper…sure if you have the right paper, the right tackiness of your mat, the right quality of blade, the right settings, and the right cartridge.

I am a graphic designer and I’ve got some programming skills and there are so many more things this machine COULD do. I mean there are even “blank” buttons on the Expression which, according to the infomercial I watched, were for added features…features that haven’t yet come in the 3 years I’ve had my machine.

Within about 6 months of having my Cricut, my dad bought me the Sure Cuts A Lot software…all of a sudden I was in love with my Cricut all over again. This opened up such a vast option for me and allowed me to blend my digital designs with my love of paper. It was a great relationship provided I never needed to call Provo Craft for anything.

When calling for help, you spend unusually long times on hold only to have service agents not “get” what you’re asking because you’ve pushed the machine further than they were prepared for.

Consistently there are certain shapes that don’t cut right and 1 inch is not the same on every cut…it’s actually not even a real inch in most scenarios. Just recently I cut a vine border for a card…the card is 4.25 inches wide and yet a 1.25 inch cut was too big for the card…does that make sense to you?

I’ve been researching machines for over a year now and am pleased to report I am filing for divorce from Cricut and all things PC. They have mediocre products and horrible service and I deserve better.

Faithfule Creations
April 13th, 2011
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Yes - Worth the money and works good
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

This machine does work great. A lot of people are upset that Provo Craft sued Make the Cut and Sure Cuts A lot, and you can still use it IF you already have it. And you can buy cartridges for less than $80.

April 13th, 2011
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