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Does Crank Chop Really Work?

Do you do a lot of cooking at home and you hate how time consuming and difficult it can be to prepare the food, especially on the chopping part? If you are looking for ways to make this aspect of cooking a lot easier then Crank Chop is a product that just might be able to help. Endorsed by Vince Offer of ShamWow fame, this product will make it very easy for you to chop food up for use in cooking. All you need to do is to secure the CrankChop blades inside the product, put in the food that you want to chop, close the lid and then pull on the cord. Pulling on the Crank Chop’s cord makes the razor blades spin, chopping up the food inside. Aside from being able to effectively cut food, what’s great about the Crank Chop is that the number of pulls that you make on the cord also affects how fine the food is chopped so if you want finer and smaller cuts or bigger chunks, the manufacturer promises that Crank Chop should be able to give you the cuts that you need.

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