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Does CoverMate Really Work?

CoverMate claims that covering food can be so much easier with its use. Whether you are covering leftovers, keeping a salad fresh, or bringing food to a party, Covermate claims that with its stretch to fit design, all plates, bowls and containers can be conveniently sealed and covered. The product comes in three sizes—medium, large and extra large. They can be had in individual boxes of medium or large sized covers, or in a Variety Pack containing all three size covers, they say. CoverMate claims that they can help you to cover, uncover and re-cover your plates of food in just seconds, with the added convenience of fitting any shape of container and keeping food fresh with greater ease. To use CoverMate, just stretch a cover over the dish and then snap it securely in place. This product uses a built-in FlexBand technology, they say, which can make the daily task of covering, uncovering and re-covering food very convenient, they claim.

CoverMate Reviews

No - Not really
3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars

Yes, you can use these nifty little “Shower Caps for Dishes” easily – even on odd sized containers with no lids of their own – BUT they are NOT AIRTIGHT or WATERTIGHT.

As a quick cover to keep out flies & fingers, or to prevent things from falling into or out of your container, then these covers are quite convenient.

BUT do NOT expect them to actually keep food from drying out or to prevent spills.

October 11th, 2011
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