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Does ConvecTop Really Work?

Imagine spending hours preparing the ingredients for a great dish, only to have your food burnt or cooked in a bad way. If traditional cooking methods make it hard for you to get perfectly cooked food, then you might want to try ConvecTop out. It is a unique cooking accessory that the manufacturer claims will not only allow you to cook your food evenly and perfectly, but will also help you speed up your cooking by as much as 50%. All you need to do is to place the ConvecTop on your cooking pan. Its Venturi cooking channels help direct heat and airflow all over your food, making it cook evenly from all sides. This also captures excess burner heed that allows the food to cook much faster that with a regular pan top. With the ConvecTop, the manufacturer promises that you will get perfectly cooked food a lot faster than before.

ConvecTop Reviews

Yes - So smart
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This thing is so simple and it works!

Mike Lawson
December 12th, 2013
New York
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