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Does Consolidated Credit Really Work?

Are you having trouble paying your various debts and the high interest rates and added fees make your predicament a lot more difficult? You could make this problem a lot more bearable by using the Consolidated Credit service. It is a debt management system that claims to help make paying for your debts a whole lot easier. Consolidated Credit will combine all of your payments in to one monthly payment that is lower compared to having to separately pay for each debt that you have. This will also help to reduce late fees and interest rates that can make paying for your debts a lot more difficult. Not only does Consolidated Credit claim to help you manage your debt, it also offers credit counseling which could help you stop your bad spending habits and help you rebuild your credit.

Consolidated Credit Reviews

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Makes money, yes, but not for you. They end up getting about 1/2 of every payment. They do negotiate with creditors who may reduce your debt. But however much they save, they take 40% of that amount. If you receive SSI you can call your creditors, tell them SSI is your income and ask them for a settlement amount, then ask for the interest to stop so you don’t have to default. They can’t take your house, your car, or attach your SSI. Most would rather take half then get none. This way you are paying double toward reducing debt. Just add up how much they take in a year and how much you paid in a year. The key is to always put the same amount each month toward credit cards. Pay off the highest interest rates first. When one pays off, put that amount toward the next highest interest bill. You can do this yourself. Don’t pay these guys just to save you a little work. Everyone wants an instant solution. Work at it and the problem will be gone soon. And don’t use the cards while you are trying to pay them off. If you have to close the card and then pay it off.

January 23rd, 2014
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