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Does Colon Cleansing Really Work?

Colon Cleansing involves cleaning one’s colon of toxins and accumulated fecal matter. The principle behind it is that some 6,000 chemicals are used in processed foods, and through colon cleansing, benefits are supposed to include boosted energy and weight loss, among others. There are also different ways to do this, such as hydrotherapy which involves actual body irrigation, and the use of orals through tablets and/or fiber, which can serve either as supplements or laxatives. As a method of alternative health treatment, there are different opinions as to the usefulness of colon cleansing (also known as colonics and colon therapy). Excessive colon cleansing is believed to ether useless, as the colon cleanses itself, or potentially harmful by interfering with absorption of vitamins and medications, and/or upsetting body balance of nutrients and minerals.

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