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Does Clean N Green Laundry Ball Really Work?

The Clean N Green Laundry Ball promises that with just one ball, you will not have to buy detergent for three years. A single ball is good for 1000 to 1200 uses and sometimes even longer, they say. That is equal to three years of regular use. Aside from the savings incurred by not having to buy detergent, they say that Clean N Green Laundry Ball is environmentally friendly. It leaves no detergent residue, eliminating the need for a rinse cycle and saving water. It is also pollution free, they say. They add that the Clean N Green Laundry Ball is safe for people who have sensitive skin or are prone to allergies. It is fragrance free with no strong artificial smell. Each Clean N Green Laundry Ball has three different pellets of ceramic stones with intense firing that brings cleaning to a new level, they claim. Powerful, safe infrared rays are generated during the washing cycle as the water molecule’s hydrogen combination is broken into smaller clusters. From there, penetration of water is enhanced. Also, negative ions generated to weaken surface dirt and inter-fabric adhesion will loosen it, permitting easy, detergent-free removal.

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