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Does ChaLEAN Extreme Really Work?

Click for More Info About Chalean ExtremeThe ChaLEAN Extreme workout consists of 15 workouts on six DVDs.  The strategy behind ChaLEAN is expressed in three words:  Muscle burns fat.  According to them, to burn fat, boost metabolism and get lean you have to build up more muscle.  And this workout promises that 60% of fat can be burned in three months with ChaLEAN Extreme.  This is done by a technique called “Lean Phasing” they say.  This refers to shifting focus on resistance training in five phases.  Through these phases, they claim that lean muscle is built, metabolism is charged, and fat burns long after your workout, even while you sleep.  Phase 1 is called Burn and it involves moderate weight lifting.  Phase 2 is Push and it involves heavy weights beyond your comfort zone for fast results.  Phase 3, Lean, brings whole new routines and dynamic moves.  Phase 4 is Extreme Cardio, super intense and strength building plus flexibility.  Finally at Phase 5 Core Power will shrink, tighten and tone the tummy.
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ChaLEAN Extreme Reviews

Yes - Work hard, eat heathy, it works!
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

This intense weight training program, when done right, really builds muscle and burns fat. As a woman, I was afraid I would bulk up but I haven’t. The key to this program is maxing out your effort on the last 3 reps. Chalene is funny and motivational and there’s enough variety in the videos to keep you going for at least 3 months. If you don’t want to pay full price on the Beachbody website, get it from a reputable ebay dealer. Even though this is a great program, you also have to work on your diet. I pick and choose what I like from her book, but eat lots of high-fiber foods (complex carbs) fruits and veggies and lean meat. In the past year I’ve gone from 200 to about 180 doing this and other Beachbody DVDs. I recommend either free weights or the “dial up” weights. To me, the bands are awkward and if they slip, you can injure yourself (I did…it took me about 3 months for my shoulder to recover from the jerk of the band coming off my foot.) It’s hard work, but will help you lose weight/get in better shape if you put in the effort.

Janet Cannon
July 10th, 2011
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