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Does Cat’s Meow Really Work?

For households that keep a cat or two as pets, the tireless nature of the feline kind keeps their owners entertained. However, the energetic activity of cats can also lead to destructive situations if not put under control. Cat’s Meow promises to keep pets entertained while keeping their behavior in check. This type of specialized toy for pets is known to attract the attention of cats, keeping them preoccupied with pouncing on it as a natural reaction to fast moving objects. Cat’s Meow is a round yellow cover with a mechanical “mouse” inside that moves around the circle in a seemingly random motion. Made from durable nylon, the Cat’s Meow claims to prevent cats, regardless of breed, busy throughout the day. This product is also said to promote training among cats by keeping them active and stimulated.

Cat’s Meow Reviews

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My son bought one for his kittens, and once they caught it that was it, it did not work anymore. Ended up taking it back the next day. Can’t imagine how long it took to make that commercial! (They used adult cats.)

Nancy Renee
May 17th, 2014
San Diego, CA
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