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Does Cat Genie Really Work?

The CatGenie is an automatic cat box that flushes cat litter away automatically. It uses Washable granules that does not require changing and will definitely meet your cat’s need to dig and cover. It is very easy to install and is set to start immediately after installation. You can press the button to start the wash cycle or this may also be done by pre setting the timer. Solid wastes of your cat will be gathered and liquefied and then flushed down the drain. It uses SaniSolution, a formula approved by veterinarians that cleans and eliminates the germs and odors from the CatGenie. It fetures a built in blower that produces hot air drying the granules, making your cats feel comfortable. The CatGenie measures 24” H x 19” W x 21”D.

Cat Genie Reviews

No - Promise, but...
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I has a lot of potential, but it will cost you much more than you might expect.

1) The Solution carts are not cheap, they will cost you as much, and likely a bit more than very high quality litter.

2) The dryer is just over 1100 watts.

3) The granules track all over the place because the Sani Solution leaves a sticky residue on them.

4) Granules from the Mfg are quite expensive, and you’ll need to replace them fairly often. You can, however, find them cheaper on ebay – in designer colors.

5) There is a pin in the scoop assembly that will rust out within a few years. Parts aren’t available, so you can DYI or buy another unit.

6) It is NOT maintenance free. Every month, or two, you have to tear it down and scrub everything. Quite the disgusting mess.

7) You will not be free of cat stink. Unlike when buried clay, the plastic granules do nothing to absorb odor. “Freshly laid stink” persists until the cleaning cycle starts, and completes. Worse, if a bit is missed – well, the dry cycle is just amazingly bad.

The main “Pro” is you can deal with the box once a month, or so – rather than once or twice a day. Also, you don’t have to lug around clay litter by ton.

October 4th, 2016
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Yes - It's ok, not wonderful.
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I bought two of these because I had 5 cats and the twice daily scooping was very tiring. It DOES work, meaning it scoops the solids, it cleans (or at least attempts to clean) the granules, and it hot air dries the granules. BUT, cats go for the clay litters because clay is a natural substance, it SMELLS familiar, and they have an instinctual NEED to dig in SANDY textured areas to relieve themselves.
The plastic granules do not smell like something they would want to go to the bathroom in, does not smell familiar, (no earthy smell), it is too course not like fine sand at all, and the granules wind up getting tracked all over the house. ALSO, The scoop mechanism is not very efficient. It WILL leave a morsel or two of poo. One might think that’s no big deal, until the dry cycle starts and poo morsel is being thoroughly baked and the nauseating aroma of freshly broiled cat-dung wafts through your house. No amount of febreeze can get rid of the stench fast enough.

July 20th, 2013
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Yes - This is a great theory, first model needed some refinement
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I ordered one of these. At the slightly pricey cost of over $300.. well, I would have ordered more had it been a little more .. convenient and practical.

I ordered the first model. They’ve come out with a second one, but I’m still working with the first one, so I can’t tell you if they’ve improved upon the design.

My one Bengal uses it. He likes it a lot. I don’t use it as they recommend, which is to set it to run a set number of times a day. Basically, I don’t run it unless I’m home, and I see that there are paw prints in the “litter” because I think it’s a waste if one of the four-footers haven’t dirtied it.

Pros: The scented sanitizer is great. Makes the house smell wonderful. Love it.
Pro: The cats are fascinated by the entire cycle, it’s a great way to entertain the little wild beasties for half an hour.

Pro: It gets the litter really clean, and once the cats get used to the idea, they do use it. Note that I didn’t follow their how to accustom your cat to this litter guide, because their litter is a bit pricey and … yeah, this would have been an expensive route for me with 7 furry demons. It probably would have worked better had I done it this way.

Pro: the walls on the box don’t connect to the outside of the box, so when you have a cat who stands to pee, it hits the walls and runs to the inside of the box, and not to your carpet.

Pro: It’s big enough to fit a tall, lanky cat, who stands to pee.

Pro: Very convenient to hit a button and clean something.

Con: The cats are fascinated when it runs. While they are completely engaged for at least half an hour, this also means that I’m on a half hour vigil to remove their paws and heads from the interior because it’s great fun to watch the cycle and chase the scoop. And, the Bengals, particularly, like to chase the granules around in the water. Like I said, great fun for all.

Pro: There’s a child lock feature that prevents your cats from walking on the unit and accidentally setting it off.
Con: It’s fascinating for the cats: They like to sit on the top of it, as well, and this results in one of them usually sitting on the top of the machine ON THE BUTTONS, which causes the child lock feature to “beep beep beep beep beep beep” until said cat is removed from the buttons. At least, until said cat (or an usurper) returns two minutes later to the same spot. Repeat process. If the child lock is not on, note that said cat will stop, start, or change the settings.

Con: The cats can sit on the buttons, which apparently adds to them sticking and not working quite right. That issue isn’t related to overusage, since we haven’t run it that often.

Con: The sanitizer is supposed to last for 60 cycles. Apparently it leaks. I know I have not run this machine 120 times. Pro: Cat-Genie sent us two replacement cartridges when I called to complain about it.

Con: The water hose started leaking a little bit, and we had to put silicone on it, which was easier than sending it back to the manufacturor.
Pro: Additionally, they do walk you through any issues you might have when you call them.

Con: There is no cover over the buttons. I did suggest this to them. The new model may have a cover on the buttons. I don’t know.

Pro: This hooks up to your bathroom plumbing. Convenient, fairly easy to install, particularly if you have a nephew who you can make install it for you.

Con: This hooks up to your bathroom plumbing. With my bathrooms, it’s too big to fit into the bathroom, so the cords have to run under the door, and the unit sits outside of the bathroom, where it’s in the way. The cords are not long enough to move it over further, and I suggested this to Cat-Genie and was told they can’t make the hoses any longer or the mechanics and water pressure, etc, won’t work properly.

The new model looks like it takes care of a lot of these issues. It’s definitely an improved version, according to the FAQs on it. Since I wasn’t one of the lucky first time customers that got to try the upgraded version for free, I can’t tell you how it works. :(

Overall, though, I’ve been moderately pleased with the results. You can’t really expect mechanical things to be perfect. It’s never the case. All in all, it’s been okay.

Heather Caban
October 9th, 2009
Northern Virginia
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