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Does Cami Shaper Really Work?

Bulges, back fat, and “love handles,” are dreaded by all women. Fortunately, obtaining the figure they desire and getting rid of unwanted bulges is made simpler with the aid of shaping undergarments, which do not induce unnecessary discomfort. The Cami Shaper by Genie – a seamless 3-in-1 bra, camisole, and shaper undergarment – is created to help enhance the figure of women (of any age and body type) by “slimming it down.” It promises to hide visible fat, trim waist lines, and provide women with an hourglass shape. The CamiShaper is 96 percent nylon and four percent spandex. In spite of this, the product is claimed to be comfortable enough for women to sleep in. Women who order Cami Shaper will receive a pack containing three colors: white, black, and nude.

Cami Shaper Reviews

Yes - Best Fit
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

I love my Cami Shaper i have them in all the colors .No more Bra marks on my shoulder. I will never wear a regular bra again. Cami Shaper #1 for me!!!!

Lauren F.
August 6th, 2017
Houston, Texas
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No - Disappointed
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If you need a garment for sleep…the cami shaper is o.k. If you order a size to fit your bust, the midriff portion provides absolutely no support. If you downsize to get some midriff smoothing, your chest will be quite compressed.

October 2nd, 2016
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Yes - Ok
4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars

So many bad reviews but I like the cami shaper. No shaper is going to hold everything in and this does not ride up if the correct size is ordered. Go up one size. I don’t care what size the label says if it fits. They ate comfortable and the only way I will look smaller is to lose weight.

December 28th, 2015
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Yes - Love this cami!
5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars

Glad I bought this cami before I read all the reviews. They had these at our local Grocery Outlet and I bought two because I thought they might be more comfortable than wearing a bra. I didn’t really buy them for the shaping. However, the first day I wore one people I saw told me I looked like I had lost weight. When looking in the mirror later, I noticed I did look a little thinner, which was a bonus since I only bought them as an alternative to an uncomfortable bra, which they are. I went back to the store and bought two more. I was only on this site because I was looking for more colors to buy. The only thing I would recommend is to buy a one size larger than you usually wear. I usually wear a large and bought x-large and it is a comfortable fit. I then bought two larges and they fit, but aren’t as comfortable, but do offer me more support than the x-large

November 5th, 2015
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No - Rip Off
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

Please don’t invest in this product cause you will be truly disappointed and dissatisfied. The product gives no support, not worth the money I spent, returning product as we speak. Wish I would have read reviews before I purchase, please read them all before you make a decision.

Diane Duck
September 17th, 2015
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No - Very dissatisfied
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I just ordered the Camishaper by phone, all I wanted is to order. But this poor lady that handled my order keeps on talking regarding the other products and I told her I am interested. When I tried to stop her she stated she can not do so because it’s a part of her job. This is ridiculous why do you force the customer to waste so much time listening to such offers if my intentions to purchase what I needed. This is also not fair to your employer because she sounds she is being force to do such as a part of her job. In fact on her offer I just finally hang up the phone who ever she is I would like to extend my apology to her for acting such unprofessional. I hope the management should look into. Your employee should be treated with respect and the company needs to also treat customer with respect & should be force to whatever the sales person is trying to offer. Very dissapointing experienced. Will never never order anything in this company again. Thank you. I hope you publish this in the reviews. Thank you.

Mimi Tiu Tumang
July 27th, 2015
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