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Does Cami Shaper Really Work?

Bulges, back fat, and “love handles,” are dreaded by all women. Fortunately, obtaining the figure they desire and getting rid of unwanted bulges is made simpler with the aid of shaping undergarments, which do not induce unnecessary discomfort. The Cami Shaper by Genie – a seamless 3-in-1 bra, camisole, and shaper undergarment – is created to help enhance the figure of women (of any age and body type) by “slimming it down.” It promises to hide visible fat, trim waist lines, and provide women with an hourglass shape. The CamiShaper is 96 percent nylon and four percent spandex. In spite of this, the product is claimed to be comfortable enough for women to sleep in. Women who order Cami Shaper will receive a pack containing three colors: white, black, and nude.

Cami Shaper Reviews

No - Hate it
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

Wish I could give it NO STARS! It’s a terrible product, does not work at all. The company should be sued for lying to the public. They have made so much money off of us women, feeding us all these lies and making all these promises. There product does not live up to!! It does nothing at all, gives no support and doesn’t flatten your tummy. I really am disappointed in this product. I wish I would have read all the terrible reviews before I wasted my money.

July 3rd, 2015
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No - The BBB should be involved!
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I was sucked in by the ad, and then ripped off. It does not shape anything. I weigh 151 lbs. I ordered the small it was too big, I called for the return shipment number, and was asked by the person on the phone to keep the order and give it to someone I knew. When I said no, I was offered a discount to keep it, again I said no, so I was given a number that was already on the package. It cost me an additional $11.48 to return the package. They advertise that you will receive a full refund; not true, I never received the shipping and handling charges, nor the fee for returning my order. It cost me more than $50.00 to return something that I was unable to use. Cami shaper sucks with moose lips.

Charlene McFadden
June 11th, 2015
Dixmoor, Illinois
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No - Totally not worth it
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I ordered what I thought would be the right size and did not seem tight enough for a shaper, so I called and exchanged for a smaller size. Customer service was great and replacement came quickly. This still did not fit comfortably and I returned as well. I am still waiting for a refund and am now being charged for the replacement. Three months later I am still not getting these returns processed. Customer service that was very helpful with the purchase, does not do anything with returns.

April 22nd, 2015
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No - Bad Product!!!
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

By being cautious..I purchased one and not only did it not stay down..whenever I sat down or walked..it rolled up and I took it right back..my friend thought if she ordered one..it would fit better..sorry…did the same roll job and it did not fit good. And we are a size small.. Bad Product!!!

April 15th, 2015
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No - Totally Disappointed & Duped
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

I purchased this camisole product based on the infoommerical. It promises so much and does nothing it says it does. It hides no love handles and buldges as stated. Wish I would have have read these reviews and I would not have ordered. Returned it and they still took money out of my account. Rating of product should be “0”. I have other shapers that are the same or better.

March 25th, 2015
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No - Don't buy these!
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

I’m a 55 year old, short, 5’3″ woman & 132lbs. Have a little muffin top going on, not too serious. Thought this product would help but OH My! What a waste of money. One wash and these things totally lose their shape and are so uncomfortable, ride up every two minutes, you will rip it off in anger. Please, don’t waste your money, these shapers do not work and will only antagonize you!!

Brenda Kataisto
March 14th, 2015
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No - Another TV ripoff
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Yes, it’s up on a shelf in my closet where it’s been since I tried it on. I hate to throw away things I spent money on. When will I learn? This is a piece of useless junk. I guess I’ll donate it…the material is not suitable for washing floors with. Be forewarned!

Sandy B
March 6th, 2015
Santa Rosa, CA
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No - Don't waste your money
1 star1 star1 star1 star1 star

If I could have given this product a zero I would have. The product was way to small in the bust, and too large in the hips which caused me to looked flat on top while the bottom rolled up. I purchased these from the website camishaper.com and was seriously disappointed. I wanted them to work for me….I was looking for a smoothing garment which to wear around the house under my clothing to serve as an additional layer for while it is cold outside. I even tried the garment over my own bra hoping it was usable and sadly it was not. Then I contacted Cus Svc which made me the inane offer of a $10.00 credit and then suggest that I give them away to a neighbor. The original cost was $79.96 including a $19.99 S/P. The girl was a bit put out when I asked her if she was insane. She eventually gave me the required RMA number (which I found out was wrong when I called back a second time). She hung up on me while I was asking a question which required an additional call today. Either way….product is inferior, S/P is excessive, and Cus Svc just S**ks. Thank you.

Camille Caupp
March 2nd, 2015
St. Louis MO
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